Major Amarr Incursion Upon Floseswin IV Targets Prison Camps

Source: The Yulai Herald

Major Amarr Incursion Upon Floseswin IV Targets Prison Camps

Above: A 24th Imperial Crusade capital formation secures a corridor between the surface of the planet and the Yassavi Family Logistics Support Foritzar in orbit.

Late Saturday (3/4/123) evening a large-scale attack occurred that saw at least three Republic prison camps housing Amarr prisoners of war raided, along with dozens of other targets across a sparsely-populated region on Flosesin IV. While little information from official sources has been released yet, available reports and independent analysis have pieced together a rough view of the events that unfolded:

  • ~ 20:00: Initial attacks by Amarr guerrillas and special operations units began to occur at seemingly low-importance and unrelated military targets within the region of Dralan, situated between the distant major cities of Port Kul and Jolan Kraal. These attacks steadily increased in intensity for one hour, triggering a regional alert and deployment of local Southern Floseswin IV Army garrisons.

  • 21:30: Heavy and coordinated assaults struck the region’s aerospace defensive infrastructure and prison camps. With the regional garrisons already deployed in pursuit of retreating guerrillas, reinforcements were requested by Dralan regional command, triggering a cross-regional response. It is thought the defensive network across the region was largely disabled by the time they arrived, however.

  • ~ 22:10: Amarr forces were suddenly and violently reinforced by orbital drop infantry and atmosphere-capable fighters seemingly launched from a flotilla of at least six Archon-class carriers and an Aeon-class supercarrier, piloted by 24th Imperial Crusade and affiliated independent capsuleers. Fierce dogfights between the SFIVA’s air forces and the newcomers ensued, with the Amarr maintaining air superiority for nearly forty minutes. The entire planet’s defence forces were put on alert in case of an imminent invasion. Two of the targeted prison camps were breached by this time and Amarr extraction dropships deployed to them. Extraction dropships are reported to also have picked up scattered Amarr units fleeing from Minmatar response forces across the region.

  • ~ 22:25: The final prison camp was overwhelmed with some difficulty by Amarr forces and extraction initiated. Republic response units by this time had arrived in force and inflicted heavy casualties upon the retreating Amarr, but it is believed that a majority of the Imperial-aligned forces and prisoners escaped.

  • 22:40: The Amarr extraction to orbit was complete and the SFIVA had regained control of the region.

It is estimated that three-thousand Amarr prisoners were taken from the planet amidst the assault. As of yet the total casualties of the operation is unknown, but it is thought to number into the thousands for both sides.

Information about the attack and the events surrounding them is still being released and will be the subject of further reporting in the coming days.

Above: At least one Avatar-class titan was involved in the operation, potentially to deter any Minmatar spaceborne response.


To: Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
Ajram Library, Excubitoris Chapter House
Jad-Gheinok, Oris.

From: Legate Miriam Lok’ri
In Transit from Floseswin

Dearest Cousin,

It is my honor to report that the Legio XI ‘Mehatoor’ and my own Legio III ‘Amarr’ I have returned from the action on Floseswin and that we secured the objective, albeit at a high cost.
As you warned me might be the case in our conversation on March 29, Paladin Shutaq-Newelle’s operations plan was far too ambitious and complicated to go off without significant problems. The Sarum insertion forces had quite a bit of trouble on initial insertion and when taking the camps. Shutaq-Newelle’s plan had hoped that the prison facility garrisons would be diverted into his initial distraction, but while some of the regional response garrisons were diverted, the prison camps remained fortified and the Sarum loyal insertion forces were unable to secure them quickly.

Fortunately, the Sarum insertion operation was successful on the pivotal point of bringing down the orbital air defense network, and we had expected that there would be complications. With the air defenses down, the Legio XI ‘Mehatoor’ was able to drop in force on the resisting camps and the Legio III ‘Amarr’ set up a defensive perimeter to protect the evacuations.

The Republic reinforcements also arrived faster than the timeframe for which the initial operation plan had allowed, and someone should inform Paladin Shutaq-Newelle that forty minutes of air superiority is quite insufficient for a major extraction. We were hard pressed across the entire line almost as soon as we were dug in.

The Legio XI ‘Mehatoor’ saved the day with an aggressive, frankly suicidal, charge that was spearheaded by their Kameira Solaria [Translator note: Excubitoris Chapter unit designation roughly equivalent to a regiment] ‘The Slaver Band of Mehatoor.’ The damage done by the Kameiras and their hounds was quite a sight to behold, and they created enough of a window that the Legio III and what was left of the Legio XI were able to extract. None of the Slaver Band made it to the extraction point and I doubt that many survived.

At this point the Legio III ‘Amarr’ is mostly intact, having fought from solid defensive positions. The Legio XI ‘Mehatoor’ is combat ineffective and should be taken off the deployment rotation until casualties can be replenished and a new Kameira Solaria can be brought up to Legion standards. I recommend that we continue the tradition of the Slaver Band as a permanent Excubitoris Chapter formation. They earned that yesterday.

While I understand and agree with the logic that led us to deploy rather than allow the Sarum forces to collapse and I think we did an honourable thing yesterday, I must register my concern about any future such adventures. The entire operation was reliant on infrastructure of the Kador loyal Yassavi family, and I know you, as I, are worried about their underworld connections. I fear that this reliance on their resources enables planning showy and risky operations. It also encourages Excubitoris Paladins to play hero without much thought for the consequences.

Yesterday was worth doing. We put pressure on Republic forces that will help keep them defensive minded and freeing prisoners is worthwhile on its own. But it was far too near run a thing.

My legions and I will return to Oris shortly. I hope to catch up with you there if you can tear yourself away from the operation in Khanid long enough to come home.

May God be with you,
Legate Miriam Lok’ri
Commander Legio III ‘Amarr’


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