Major problem with the game

I’m unable to play the game smoothly. The game freezes, turns black, and then returns for about a second. It took like 10 minutes for character customization because of this.

gpu issues?
do you have the proper requirements to play the game?

my pc is less than 9 years old and uses windows 10

Ok, again, did you look at the requirements to play

Is this the only place where you have issues?

I’ve sometimes had such problems with character customization myself, no issues with the rest of the game though.

Ensure that you meet minimum system requirements. After that, update your graphics drivers, and then check to see if your GPU is overheating (which can cause all sorts of graphics anomalies).

You can use HW Monitor to check your temps. And a google search will tell you how hot your GPU can get.

Sorry, I didn’t go into more detail. I need t orun.

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