'Majorana' missiles drops

What do the Triglavian ships not drop ‘Majorana’ missiles when they are killed?

Why are the Triglavian Abyssal sites not dropping ‘Majorana’ missile BPCs?

Why do none of the Triglavian ships that players can fly have any missile hardpoints?

Why are none of the Triglavian ships dropping any ammo or Triglavian modules when players kill them?

For the same reason that sleeper ships don’t. Because they don’t.

We can not fly Sleeper ships and we can fly Triglavian ship.

Why should they? It’s just flavor text.

NPCs don’t follow the same rules as player ships do because they’re just NPCs.
Sansha Nightmare NPCs will fire Cruise Missiles at you but the Nightmare doesn’t have Launcher hardpoints.

That would also be a problem that needs to be addressed then.

Why does CCP think it is ok to fit NPC ships that we can fly with weapon hardpoints, that players can not have?

Can you explain why it’s a problem in the first place?

Because they’re probably just lazy and that’s how they coded the NPCs.


All NPCs have huge buffs and abilities normal players don’t have available to them as a means to balance out the fact that they are not super intelligent AI. Some day a new AI might be tougher than normal players and they may decide to give them equal footing.

This way they can also make really strong NPCs without making them drop super valuable and uncommon or rare items as regular loot.

Some things are just meant to be exclusive.

I am tired of the NPC/CCP playing by a different set of rules then. I have no issue with SPECIAL npcs have different stuff like the Sleepers. We can fly Sleeper stuff but for ships we can fly, those ships need to be the same for both side. The Triglavians have ‘Majorana’ missiles. Not one BPC or missile has been drops since this started or even one Triglavian ship we build from a Triglavian BPC has one missile hard point.

I have no issue with the Special named rats have exclusive items/modules/skills. If any items are in common use against the players from a ship that players can build/fly, then they should be the same for fitting.

So I think what you mean is that you want rats to drop the same kind of modules they are actually using rather than the random t1 junk that seems to drop on rats with ships that didn’t even use them.

In this case you want trig ships that can’t use these missiles have them removed and instead drop t1 form of trig modules for those specific ships.

It makes sense, but the part about other rules you are just going to have to accept the AI and abilities of them are very limited compared to a player or group of players. If they had a modern AI and opportunity to do anything other players could do they would be scouting you out long before you get a chance to engage them and avoiding fights they can’t win and only executing flawless strategies that leave regular players with no chance since they can’t make millions of decisions per second and memorize and adapt to any scenario at every next opportunity to learn and never make the same mistakes again.

At that point you would be begging them to nerf the AI and give them crappier items than players can use to balance you their overpowered AI.

So you want trig diamond ships.

Yes I would be good with them removing the missile hard points from the Trig ships or giving the player’s Trig ships missile hard points. They don’t need to drop the modules but they could drop ammo/missiles or even BPCs to make the ammo/missiles.

The Triglavians and Bloodraiders both have the diamond rat AI.

Well they would have to make them not drop missile BPCs or ammo either if they don’t use them. Also these “majorana” missiles you speak of don’t technically exist in the game for player use so that is probably the main reason you won’t find them.

Yeah, because again, they’re just NPCs.

What different rules?
You mean you want to fly the same ships at NPCs do? You realize that NPCs cannot fit their ships or adjust their fittings. The stats and numbers are coded into the entities themselves.

Yes CCP/NPCs can change the fits, skills and implants any time they want. They can also change the loot drops, bounties and AI coding any time too.

No, they can’t actually. There are no “fits” “skills” or “implants” for NPCs.
CCP explained how the determine the stats of NPC ships in their 2017 Fanfest presentation.

At the very least, please learn what you are talking about first.

That is old information and things have changed.

Do you have a source for this?
A dev blog or a video, any kind of proof?

Ofc they don’t.

It’s probably personal