Make 800 T2 Repeating better then the Meta 4 variant and lower BPC price

It is better, it can use T2 ammo. Also, T2 guns get bonuses from the specialization skill which increases it’s DPS.


If you compare other T2 guns to their meta 4 counterparts they almost always have something that is better.

But in this case, its more expensive and cost more CPU and PG.

Ok you have some misconceptions that I would like to clear up. The first one is that T2 equipment isn’t always better. For example, the T2 5MN MWD is considered worse when using on a Frigate because it has higher fitting, uses more cap and a larger sig bloom. The second one is that T2 equipment almost always requires more fitting to use, I can’t think of any times when it is easier to fit than the meta variants. A module can require more fitting than another module while still being “better” or it can also cost significantly more. In this case, the T2 gun has a greater theoretical DPS because of the specialization skill and the T2 ammo. That is the advantage the T2 gun gets over its meta variants. The disadvantages the T2 gun has is its greater price and higher fitting requirements.

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Hmm you seem to be correct. guess I just felt that the T2 variant for PVE felt a bit underwhelming.

It might help if you work on getting higher projectile support skills as well as the relevant ship skills to increase your damage. With low level skills there may not be that much of a difference.

The T2 also has the benefit that it can be player-built. You don’t have to source from loot drops or markets.

Autocannons tend to have low dps in pve because they fight in fall off range. So don’t forget to factor that in too.

Prices are not CCP responsibility…

also :

26,250 LP + 10,500,000 ISK
30,000 LP + 12,000,000 ISK

the laser one is actually more expensive both for LP and for ISK.

So the reason they are expensive is because nobody is running Minmatar missions?

I guess if you look at Tach, Mega and rails. Then you have 4 faction gun variants vs the 2 that 800mm has.

WTF are you talking about ? Why would there be THE reason and not a complex mix of several factors ? You are oversimplifying the situation, therefore making invalid analysis.

Your claim that the difference in price is based solely on BPC value is wrong (as I showed). so CCP can’t do anything specific about that.

So what ?

Relax yout High IQ brain.

I’m trying to figure out why the cost of faction minmatar guns are so high compared to the other races.

I know :

There are several factors.

  • price of the tags needed for LPs.
  • farm of the area that produces the item (domination)
  • other more valuable offers in the same store
  • low demand for the item means that producer don’t want to place orders on the market since it will cost a market slot for no real benefit (benefit per market slot is too low). You can check the volume exchange and compare it to other modules.
  • areas more difficult to farm(for LP store).

Of course they may be others I am not thinking of.

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ISD Bahamut

They are rarely traded. So the few people that sell them take advantage of the lack of competition/list them at a price that makes the wait worth it.

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