:confusedparrot: Make a guess

Before the universe come back…

Can we guess what is going on?

Welcome all ideas. I promise I won’t laugh :slight_smile:

Firewalling a gaming server through a third party firewall is not the best idea.
Ok, thanks bye

My guess of the worst case scenario.

  1. One simple trick to end the Universe!
    No, we can’t talk now. We got this emergency at our hand. And, if we talk about it, it will get much worse. For now, the attackers can only manipulate part of the system. Luckily, they haven’t discovered other problems in the networking code. Had they known this very simple trick, it can get much worse. They might be able to hack your computer and the whole server if they know.
  2. Physical therapy for a puppy with strangely twisted spinal cord.
    What? You ask if we can fix the architecture of the networking part of the code now? Ugh. I told you this would happen a long time ago. The networking code is like a poor puppy with mutilated spinal cord. If we try to change a little bit of it, the puppy will die a horrible death.
  3. I am still checking my secret list of disasters :slight_smile:
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Soap opera behind the space opera

  1. Give me a break.
    … (sobbing)

If this is a reality show, the person working at the customer department would be the girlfriend of a developer. The girlfriend has been working several odd jobs to make the ends meet. The dev is working over days and nights. When the dev comes back home, he is a zombie that can’t talk. A few years ago, when they lived better lives, the dev built a sentiment analysis program to gauge the emotion of the capsuleers in New Eden. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to know the players can’t take it any more.

Oh, I can write a book about this topic if I have a year of spare time. CCP, please forgive me. I have an overly active imagination when disasters happen.

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“We” can destroy the universe by cramming enough photons into a small enough space. There is a threshold at which the space time continuum breaks down, iirc. Alternatively we, as in we, humanity, could try dropping a single atom to a lower energy level, causing a ripple effect that will cover at least our solar system, possibly the next one as well.

I do not know how either are possible to pull off and statistic teaches me that it is unlikely that there aren’t any mad scientists out there trying to destroy the world, or more, so I’m confident someone else is working on it as I type.

Now I have to look up again how this stuff works, because I’ve actually forgotton the physics behind this stuff.

Lovers spat between the hamsters. CCP brought in a new hamster, and Mr. Hamster thought she was pretty damn sexy so decided he’d go run in her wheel. Somehow he accidentally tripped and “slipped it in” so that wheel stopped spinning for a while.

Mrs. Hamster was curious where Mr. Hamster went, she found him…and killed him. She’s probably in the process of hiding the body, so only the new mistress Hamster is running the wheels, and she’s not that good at it right now.



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