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The skins in this game range from underwhelming to holy ■■■■ that shits ugly. After looking through the catalog I think I know the reason why. It seems like the design starts based on a pattern idea, and then that pattern is applied to a bunch of ships. From a design perspective this makes sense if you want to spam them out and make skins apply to a lot of ships, but from an aesthetic standpoint it is terrible. Since skins are exclusively about aesthetic I’m not sure this is the best idea.

My recommendation is to try starting from a specific ship, and think of a design that works well on that particular body, that uses that ships specific shape in a novel and interesting way. Yes the skin might only be for that ship, but the outcome would be better and might sell really well. Especially if you make it volatile only.

Speaking of which, skins feel so worthless if they cant be destroyed and can be swapped at will. Please make all skins volatile :slight_smile:

Edit: After more thought, if this is tried, you should also create a separate category for these skins to separate them from the other crap, so they don’t get lost in the pile.

LOL. The hardcore guys aren’t impressed by skins. The whales aren’t going to pay $30 for a volatile skin.

You seem to be missing the point of a themed fleet.
While for a single ship it might make a minority better aesthetic it creates a LOT more work for that effect and makes it impossible to create a fleet all using the same skin.

What really needs to happen at least in sub caps is for them to sell skins by racial lines, not just Rupture skin, but T1 Minmatar skin, or Minmatar Cruisers.

This will increase their market into people who regularly fly different ships so don’t want to buy a single ship skin.

I tend to fly solo so the thought of themed fleets hadn’t occurred to me. That said making a themed fleet where every pilot has the same skin seems like an unlikely event, however it would be cool if they started selling fleet commander skins, where as long as the FC has the skin everyone in fleet will have the skin applied as well.

I uh think you will find that people have been doing this now and then for about as long as skins have existed.

I’d like to see it be at the race/ship class level. Having different skins for the Navy v non-Navy version for example is just PITA.

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