Make Custom Filers popout window scrollable or larger


  1. right-click any overview tab
  2. hover the cursor over either Filter of Bracket Filter
  3. hover over Custom Filers

If you have enough filters (or a common pack with many of them, such as Z-S) the resulting window is both taller than the viewport and unscrollable. Gotta open up Overview Settings and mess with that. Not a huge deal, but… not good UI, either.

My current workaround (using Z-S) is to save new filters if I swap to them frequently and prepend an asterisk to the name so said filters sort to the (visible, interactable) topmost section of this popout window.

Two fixes I can think of:

  1. make the window scrollable (i.e. hovering cursor at very bottom of it scrolls it down at a reasonable speed, or hitting e.g. down arrow key while it’s open jumps it down ~15 entries at a time)
  2. make multiple rows extending out to the left until everything’s visible

It’s one of the downsides as result of having a custom pack (like Z-S) with every possible custom filter loaded.

Z-S has a huge list of all possible targets. And it’s not all necessary, because the default overview has been updated and has all those target filters too now. Maybe you could try reload Z-S but without all the target filters?

Personally I swapped back to the default overview recently, and made a few (5) custom overview tabs for my own use. Works just as well as Z-S, except I have more understanding of my own overview tabs now that I’ve made them myself.

And with only 5 custom tabs I don’t have an endless custom filter list.

It’s a downside but thinking about it there is no reason why this list should not be scrollable. Bracket tooltips in the map or in-space are already scrollable entities. Drop down menus like the Wallet Division selection (used to be) scrollable (until CCP removed this because it was superfluous for just 7 divisions that will never get more), It should be possible to make the overview filter selection menu layer scrollable, too.

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