Possible Overview Settings Improvements

Multiple Issues

Windows 10
Intel CPU
Using PhotonUI
Eve client in window mode.
Monitor is set for 2560 x 1440.
Using Z-S Overview pack and installed optional mods/extensions.

#1: If there are many filters, the list of them can extend past the bottom of the Eve client window.
The Z-S Overview pack has a lot of custom filters.
To see the bug:
1 - Be undocked.
2 - Right-click a tab in the Overview.
3 - Select “Filter”.
4 - Then hover your mouse over “Custom Filters”

From what I see, I assume that the topmost filter is being constrained to the top of the Eve client window. But the bottom of the list is not constrained to the bottom of the Eve client window. There are custom filters that I cannot see.
Also there is no “scroll down” icon so I can see the custom filters at the bottom of the list.

I verified this by rotating my display area 90 degrees using Portrait mode. Then I could see the entire list. I saw 5 more custom filters than I can with my display in Landscape mode.

I am docked and have overview settings window open.
I am on the Tabs tab.
The Overview Settings window is resizable.
I wish the Tabs columns were also resizable so that I could see more of what are in each column.

On the Ships tab, font size changes are not seen in the Preview: window until the listing’s check mark is unchecked then checked again.

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