Make eve great again - Xtra Squishy lol - CSM 16

There are people who consider ultralocking gate camps “exploits”, yet it hasn’t been declared an exploit. It’s not up to the players what was the exploit and what isn’t. In fact, some CSM members thought using rogue drones to get trig standings in that manner was how you were supposed to do it prior to the exploit notification. I can’t speak for his actions on discord because I wasn’t there, but banning you for stream sniping seems legitimate.

I knew the ban was going to happen on twitch, but funny story was he said he reported me to twitch and I was never banned, I reported myself to twitch as well for the same thing and nothing happened, but the things he said on the livestream is not something that can be ignored, He knowns he was in the wrong going that far. I’m not fully sure what u mean by ultra locking gate camps but do u mean tackle getting spam remote sensor boosted ?

I’m not sure why’d they think that’s the way to get standings since u’d be getting both trig and edencom standings for very little effort.

Ultralocking camps involve your place in the server tick queue and high sensor strength.

Well for one, the alternative was days and days of grinding which also didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Take a look here and you will find people (including a CSM member) talking about it.

I will vote for Xtra Squishy, even though he is a streambear.

I will put my vote in on all my accounts for @Xtra_Squishy_lol .

And now I just need somebody else for highsec (and is not a complete self serving tool) to vote for that can put forth some suggestion I have around locator agents and watchlists. As in bring back watch lists, but then only allow locators agents to work if your target is in NPC controlled space. (To keep the original reason for the removal of watchlists in place).

You’re on my vote list. I hope you can help lowsec players.

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I shall vote for you.

Easily my #1 Vote.

I implore people to vote for people who aren’t megabloc shitters

thanks for coming to my ted talk


I’d really love to see evidence really to support those claims, also yeah the times I did that’s usually what happens when u show up in someone’s space running ur mouth off, But come on dude all u do is cry on stream for the few times I did and then rapidly attack or threaten me, In my opinion CSM would be better off without a child there,

this also just seems like another way for u to try get partnership after being denied If I recall correctly ? than actually bringing some good to the game,

Guess we will see aye

Since i get asked a lot about this im gonna post it here
My ideas how to improve pvp mostly involve improving PVE and incentivize people to undock
One of the ways i would do this is to reword anom ratting to be more like abyssal sites where each wave is random containing logi and ewar mechanics so that the player has to actively figure out the best way to tackle each wave making the gameplay more engaging,
Now ofc this would require increased rewards for doing this and rather than just making a flat bounty increase i would like to see the final wave of the site contain a special rat that is a lot tougher that normal rats and also spawns with better support ships like the logi and ewar from before this rat would have a normal faction spawn bounty but will drop overseers and have a low chance of faction/deadpsace loot this would incentivize the player to actually finish the site or fight over the site if hostiles came in as if a hostile warps in and the player just warps out then the hostile can just take the faction spawn from them if they are able to kill it.

I hope this helps people get some idea of my thought process when it comes to game balance as my mind set is mostly around increasing the risk reward for playing the game.


Another idea brought to me by one of my viewers was to increase/decrease loot drops based on players on the kill so for example a solo kill would have much higher loot drop % than a 20 man gang killing a target based on ship class.
For capitals it would only apply the higher loot drops and not get negative drops from large amounts of players

This man warps straight to gate in Rancer and doesn’t get smart bombed. Can confirm bird brain IQ, and I support his run for office.

i warped at 20 out smarting my opposition.


Still waiting for that evidence, and acknowledgement of all the bad things/threats u said on stream directed at me that u are currently hiding, not to mention I still have all the discord messages from those days saved, Its completely wrong to even attempt running if u cant clear those things up or even apologise and admit to all the wrong doing u have done, U continue to say it was wrong for me to stream snipe while we are at war and u were part of the aggressors therefor allowing me to use every possible advantage,
Its one thing to say those kind of threats on stream but to behave like a child going around banning me from every other eve stream u have a mod in because ur not interested in settling the score properly or simply cant learn to grow up and running now I’m sure u prolly plan to further abuse power to try get me banned on something that’s out of reach of the game, u cant hide these things from ur CSM campaign and play it off like it never happened, people were there when it happened and saw what u said,

im not hiding you are just seeking attention i dont need to apologise to you so just get on with your life lol.


Seeking attention is all u seem to assume every time u seem to see me pop up or come across me, U have not exactly denied that your only running for CSM in another fail attempt to try get partnership with CCP for ur streams and play it off like u actually plan to do something good for the game or community, I am not seeking attention, when someone goes so far to personally attack me on stream several times and then makes the following threats, which u know u said these following words that day, “bro someone from CCP just mailed me saying if I was to report ark he’d get banned” because I choose to stream snipe in the middle of war which u chose sides on then cried about it when people from the other side used ur stream as an intel source, and u still want to get me banned from the game, not from twitch,