Make Eve Online Great Again! (2003-2009 Era)

Then you best quit, as I’m sure we play EvE with many people from around the world who hold many different political and other belief.

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The specific requests are over the top. And the problem with the general idea of ‘go back to the past’ is that it can ignore all the good things we have now, all the good things CCP added since 2009 that we take for granted.

That being said, I think EVE was a better game before 2009-2012 than it is now, even though it had less stuff. Think about a recipe for a simple dish that many people enjoy. Then over time people add stuff to it, experiment with it, see if they can make it better. Over time the simple recipe that started it all can be lost and you end up with a dish that is good, but a little bit too…busy… for its own good.

EVE is like that IMO. Like how in null sec after 2009 we had the rspawning anomalies from system upgrades. Sure, it made null sec much much more livable, but it had costs too. Prior to that, jumping into a null system, opening your scanner finding multiple havens and sanctums in the same place was a BINGO moment. I knew exactly what I was going to be doing with my night, clear out those anoms and hoping for escalations.

System upgrades killed that, and set the stage for what we have now, a terrible isk faucet that inadvertently pumps so much easily ACCESSIBLE cash into the economy that nothing is worth fighting for anymore. I live in Omist before the system upgrades became a thing, and Omist was so crappy we FOUGHT to take Detorid and Insmother away from the Russians so we could make some isk.

That’s one small example of how an ‘improvement’ can also create a loss. Thing like this have happened a lot in EVE. I don’t think that stopping progress is the thing CCP should be doing (a thing that doesn’t progress eventually dies), but there should be more caution and contemplation when it comes to changing things, because while change can be mostly beneficial, every change comes with unintended consequences that can screw everything up.

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No, this is not an option for me!

So long then, and get used to it, cause the “eternal yesterdays” are the “forseeable futures” in reality land. Dons Trump Hat

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