Make "Event" agents easier to spot/differentiate from regular agents

For example, Storyline agents. They are identified as Security/Distribution/Mining agents, yet they are of a speciall type (Storyline agents), and have a distinct icon/color at the top right of their thumbnail image in the Agency

If I’m looking for them specifically, I got all the filters I need + the visual identification.
If I want to work for a regular Level 1 agent, I just dismiss the ones with the Storyline icon.

As for “Event” agents, they are also identified as Security/Distribution/Mining agents.
Unfortunately, there is no way, from the Agency window to know that they are Event agents.
If I didn’t know about them (and in fact I still know very little about them), I might set my destination and start a conversation… and be screwed if I cannot complete the offered mission within 7 days.

This constellation for example looked like a great place to settle and do missions in when I visited it the first time, but in fact there is not that many regular agents to work with. But I can’t tell the difference when looking into the Agency.

For consistency, for clarity, for the love of newbros (or any “vets” who are noob with Event agents), please make these agents easier to spot/differentiate from regular agents.

This can be made in a similar fashion as the Storyline agents, by adding a specific icon and color at the top right of their thumbnail, and by adding “Event” in the Agent Type dropdown list, for those who are actively looking for them.

An extra benefit of this distinct identification would be awareness of their existence, and possible curiosity and renewed interest in whatever game content they provide.

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