Make Ganking/Criminal Activity Illegal in HS Plus other Complaints

CCP have stated that they will not restrict access to NPC stations, gates or hisec based on security status, because it would affect everybody with low sec status regardless of how it was gained.


Friend, I agree. CCP is catering to these gankbabybears too much, and needs to put in a proper system of risks to sociopathic behavior. Aside from the fair punishments you’ve mentioned, I would also make the griefers lose access to logging into the game until their security status improves to socially-acceptable levels. It’s time for meaningful consequences for crime in EVE. Thank you for your support of justice.


Ah yes, the Nth “ban ganking” thread. Show me where the Void S touched you and feed me more salt please

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I thought they did this for the NPC Trigs? Correct me if I misunderstood something but I thought, if you did not have good standings with NPC Trigs , NPC Trigs would punish you in some way.

Nice sarcasm!

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Security status and standings are not the same thing.

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Your right, so would a low security standing off set a high NPC corp standing or would the NPC corp the criminal has good standing with, remain untouched ? That could be a reason why a NPC corp would or would not grant a criminal docking right. It could be part of the reforming a criminal by making them raise their security standing. The NPC corps they have good standing with could be the way for the career criminal to be reformed by still having access to mission, that would, help them raise their security status. Who controls the gates? Are they faction controlled or Concord controlled, hows that work?

When was the last time you heard that as a criminal approached a potential victim, police came out of nowhere and stopped the crime before it happened, or as it happened?

Maybe once a long time ago. But not often. Not even common. If you want a body guard you have to hire one. Why? Because tax money cannot cover body guards for everyone. Police are not bodyguards. Concord are not bodyguards.

So what you read in the papers is that yet another person was attacked, and police showed up later. And sometimes they catch the criminal right away and sometimes several victims later.

So stop expecting Concord to protect you directly. It does not even make real world sense.

That said, mechanics could change regarding obvious and known criminals in high sec, such as just not letting them even pass through the gate, but talk of NPC protection for you is nonsense and you kill every idea you have trying to even suggest that.


Nonsense. Many if not most miners have no BS permit. All the permit does is have you pay money to do what you should have already been doing, which is paying attention. If you have a BS CODE permit and you are not paying attention you still get ganked because its assumed you are AFK or botting ( in violation of permit) if you just sit there while a ganker-type ship comes up to you. Permits have zero value.

Totally agree with you, the police can’t stop a crime unless it happens right in front of them. In no way should ganking be removed from the game. Piracy is a real thing and in should be a real thing in a space sim. Police work %99.99 of the time is after the fact and any new changes a ganker might faces should be the same.


You are responsible for your security, do what it takes to secure your assets, eventually ask others how they take care of their security instead of whining on the forum.


In all the years I have been playing EVE, I have only been ganked twice. Once was when I was ice mining. I had been working long hours and instead of taking a nap I decide to play EVE. I fell asleep in a ice belt and when I woke up later, I was looking at my wrecks LOL. The other time was not long ago but I had just warped into the belt and was just starting to get set up when the wife called by the time I return my focus to the game, which the distraction was only long enough for me to get my phone and answer it, I notice something odd, spotter, I started to align for warp when to bad so sad, in come 3 cats and boom lol. Had CODE waited just a few more minutes, I had 3 more mining barges to warp in so it could have been much worse. So yea you got to be paying attention because it don’t take long for a gank to go down and you can get out of the gank if you are paying attention.

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The usual suggestion, as it is here, is to reduce or eliminate it from hi-sec only.

A HUGE problem here is that despite micro-warnings of ganking, outlaws and pirates, CCP has issued the macro-assurance that hi-sec is safe, because they named it “high security” which is a lie of mammoth proportions. I suppose CCP could and SHOULD, pass that lie off as the in-game lie of Concord or the empires, but its still a great big fat lie.

A place where any yahoo can walk into a machine shop with some metal bits and pay a few bucks for gun making plans and equipment and walk out with a fully loaded weapon is OBVIOUSLY the exact opposite of high security but some people need to be beat over the head to finally understand the lie.

Let CCP know by not playing or subscribing, if these fall far enough then maybe they will change some things, however it is unlikely but if enough people do the bottom line is in the end CCP is a business and needs to be profitable.

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I would never support that because ganking truly added thrill to the game and it adds enjoyment to mining. Sucks to get ganked but the thrill of, will I or wont and the cat an mouse adds to the over all game play of being a miner.


I would, but it would come with balances, especially to low sec. For example, I would have Concord treat the far side of a hi-sec gate as high sec space. That way, people can at least step foot in there with less chance of getting camp killed first thing.

I think the entirely of the game would be a crap ton more accessible to new players if high sec was far safer and low sec was dangerous yet a viable place to at least step foot into.

People say you consent to PVP as soon as you undock…but for someone new to EVE its like insisting they take a few punches in the gut before they even learn how to jump a gate into the next system. CCP needs to learn to stop putting people off EVE so fast.

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There’s a real world parallel here, but going into it would displease our ISD overlords

That would accomplish absolutely nothing. You’d eliminate entry system gate camps, but anyone entering low-sec without being prepared for it is still going to die in it shortly after doing so. The people who don’t die inside are already smart enough to scout themselves through and/or take a different path, as there are much fewer gate camps than entry systems.

Only idiots die to low-sec gate camps.

And that’s a good thing, a very good thing because in Eve, your own security is an accomplishment, there’s nothing more rewarding than evading pirates with a cargohold filled with expensive stuff.

EVE is a game of cat and mouse, in which some players VOLUNTARILY agree to be hunted in return for isk (free gametime).

Unlike the rest of New Eden, players in Highsec are protected by CONCORD, faction police, gate guns, other players, local chat, and their own skills and wits. If you cannot survive in Highsec, then you obviously will not survive outside of Highsec.

Calm down, and enjoy being hunted.