Make mining addicting by adding random loot


just a quick idea: Add the carrot-method to mining, too. people will love it.
Make people able to brag about their “mining achievement”. LOL.

So for each cycle on a mininglaser and similar, there is a chance for a some item to appear in cargo.
The chance should depend on the rarity of rock that is mined and the m3/cycle.
OR when an asteroid is “exploding”, there is something like a “wreck” that has a chance to contain that stuff. Depending on rarity and size of course.
OR add a progress bar somewhere and daily boosts.
OR make those asteroid wrecks salvageable.

This should last longer than just some silly event to get players really hooked. Takes 2 months for a habit to form.

The Loot:

So ancient relics or salvage would make sense lore wise, but this would ruin the competition somewhere else, right?
OR Small chunks of Mercoxite? this would be themed good, but wouldnt this be bad for T2?
OR The salvageable wrecks of asteroids ahve a chance to contain materials for booster production (garbage, spirits, …, corpses :wink: )
Anyway, i hope/guess you can come up with a solution for the Loot problem.


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<!sarcasm on>
Or you could stop mining I 1 sec status system, and go below 0,8 where you on occasionally will meet a rat that will drop a snake implant.
<!sarcasm off>


Thats silly.
You can just warp from belt to belt in a fast combat ship.

Edit: I mean the competition for those npcloot and bounties is already high and better farmable by leaving a dominix afk in a belt. So prices for rewards are garbage. I dont feel this to be anything hitting the “meaningful reward” category.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Leave Highsec, then you have loot enough. Even Corpses, if you wish.

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A “Mining Suggestion General” thread could help resolve the issue. But it isn’t like mining suggestion posts are flooding out any good ideas here. Player suggestion is just a lite-rant sub topic.

Totaly offtopic.
I propose a feature for more revenue for CCP.
I dont care about how “fun” it is to mine.
addiction =/= fun !!

okay, your half-baked idea will never be implemented because it is just horribly thought out and anathema to the separation between mining and production.


“anathema to the separation between mining and production”

You have perfected the blend of snark and nerd.

How is that working out for ya?