Make nullsec great again!

My money is on the invasions moving into HS hardcore and slowly wiping out all/most NPC stations. This is provide massive content for HS as players jockey for systems as player stations will actually become important…

The end game is whatever you want it to be. There is no spoon.

Winning Eve on the other hand is affecting the game for thousands of player without logging in.

Not many have managed this; the 2 most known examples are polar opposites of each other. One is a philanthropist, the other is a competent Khan of a Mongol Horde who knows when to delegate.

“Every time you undock, you’re putting yourself into PVP.” “Eve is a harsh and unforgiving world.” Ever heard or said either of those things, nullsec bros? Undock, get out, or stop whining, you mindless, overpaid, minion-minded, voiceless, and ultimately greedy-arse mobs of scammed and trying to scam fooks

geesus dude, need some counseling or just pissed at the world


NullSec is the end game?

If you follow that logic, WORMHOLES are the end-game.


The best chaos to stirr?

Local or gate in wormhole, empire vs pirates war making changes in security of a system (highsec become lowsec or vice versa), and all gates/station become destructible.

Best of all chaos? the EVE gate turn on again and we see the old earth. Then we interact the old earth with new genre of mini game like “Dance Dance Revolution.”

I mean, Earth people like dancing.

Good riddance.


ccp thx for making nullsec great again!

and pls make things easy to conquer, nerf capitals hp introduce a tax for big corps, more people more tax!

Cant nerf capital EHP without cost reduction. Tank was balanced a decade ago to reflect the investment. I’m all in favour of changing it back but it needs to come with a price reduction and compensation for current owners otherwise people will feel immensely cheated.

Any blanket HP nerf on titans/supers that’s too severe will just cause people never to use them or walk away and never return. (would literally kill eve in less than a year in terms of subloss, too many people own supers now and they are as i would wager the bulk of the PLEX market)

Yes you can.

CCP has stated that cost is not a balancing factor. And they’re right.

Good on both counts.

Yes yes we know, any change you don’t like would kill EVE. Gun to CCP’s head right?


No, you can’t. Same reason CCP multiplied the fighter supply with the citadel patch, because people had already invested in the much more expensive pre patch version of the drones.

Messing with accumulated assets is messing with character progression. That would be like if you remove skills from the game and dont reimburse the SP people have accumulated in the removed skills. Read up on learning skills

Never said, but did. Unlike you I actually remember when Titans were just glorified jumpbridges and sat at 900k EHP. CCP buffed their tanks by almost 10000% because they cost far more than their tank was worth. It was a necessary change to get alliances to field supers outside of POS forcefields, and provide incentments for mining in nullsec.

The mistake was to not reduce the cost to reflect their tank, and make them some sort of upper tier capitals. That would cause them to be deployed and lost on an assemblyline and would not lead to the current situation with mass proliferation.

Only one of us wants to kill eve here. Do you have any idea on how few players are willing to stick around after all but deleting supers, i.e. years worth of work and investment? CCP can only work with reality as it exists, compensatory changes have a history in this game and are in my opinion the only way to fix supercapital proliferation.

We both see the same problem, but i’m trying not to kill EVE while solving it.

Yes, you can. Using cost as a balancing factor is precisely why caps and especially supers are so messed up right now. It’s supposed to be the other way around; balance as a cost factor. CCP Falcon himself has said that

  • Cost is not a balancing factor.
  • A linear increase in performance should come with an exponential increase in cost (balance as cost factor).

Reducing cost is not going to alleviate proliferation, even with nerfs, since supercapitals will presumably still be the most powerful ships in the game. What supers and caps need are clearly defined specializations that they function poorly or not at all when stepping outside of. That is the most likely solution.

The rest of your post was just turdflinging which is beneath me to bother replying to.


Oh God, I’m going to agree with you on something (I hate myself :slight_smile: )

Supers (and all capitals) need their ‘role’ in the scheme of all things ship related to be re-iterated - they have become too good at too many things

Cost is (nowadays) irrelevant

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Turn supercap roles back to jumpbridges and spaceship haulers and see what happens. It wasn’t fun pre dominion, it won’t be fun post whatever idiot reintroduces that either. Nobody will ever deploy supers in pvp in any capacity if they get volleyed of the field by 50 dreads and cost 25-60bil a pop. You will not see more kills, you will not solve proliferation either.

Also, I never said that cost and performance should be perfectly linear. I said that’s how the game works as it relates to EHP. DPS is still exponential cost for linear increase and that is fine. With a ship that has the cost of 150 megathrons you get 150 megathrons worth of Tank, not DPS. Xuixiens point is completely invalid.

If you just nuke the tank and dont reduce cost all you will see is more mass exodus and less caps in use. Supers cant be 50bil anything because they are either ueseless or overpowered no matter how you play it. Especially now in the age of damage caps (which i might add were introduced to combat the dominance of capitals in the sov game).

Carriers/Dreads in my opinion are fine, athough I think an insurance nerf is due. I want titans and supers to exist on the same spectrum when it comes to survivability, except one or two steps instead of 30 steps above them, as it was in the past.

Remove HAW guns/AOE Doomsdays/Light Fighters from supercapitals fine, i don’t care. But dont think that will solve the proliferation issue, it won’t. At the end of the day it boils down to tank/cost because that’s what keeps risk/reward in check.

50 dreads killing one super is - 50 people in 50 1b ships killing 1 person in a 15b ship (hull prices - and being generous)

50 people in 50 10m cruisers killing 1 person in a 100m battleship is fine, so why not super/dread given the value ratio is roughly the same

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50 dreads do 400-500k dps

My nyx does 11k

The only thing keeping that in check is FAXes (which do need a serious nerf)

My whole point is that it’s basically impossible to reasonably balance risk/reward at those price ranges in a multiplayer game. We ultimately want to shoot stuff and get shot at without feeling like we are wasting our time/isk.

lol what? I’d love to know of a 100m BS that can stand up to 50 10m cruisers

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Erm, I said it was fine :slight_smile: to illustrate my point using other ship types - I want the super to die to 50 dreads

It’s about relative values of ships, which i don’t actually think is that relevant (but still part of the equation for ship balance)

There are factors stopping us from balancing the game around tank/cost at the supercapital EHP levels.

You’d need 10.000 battleships, or 1000 dreads to counter just 100 supers. Those levels are unrealistic because the server cant support it, and there are not enough players left to do so. That’s another reason why I think supers/titans need to be brought down to regular caps. The Imperium alone has like 10.000 supers according to Aryth.

Having some ships being the endgame of large fleets is fine. If anything bringing the cost and tank of supers down to a more reasonable level would just serve to make the gap between caps and subcaps smaller.

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Battleships also need a complete re-work - in my opinion

CCP broke their (to quote another thread) rock-paper-scissors approach to ship balance - now they need to fix it - but first they need to employ someone competent to do it (and give them some space to work in - CCP internal politics has stymied too many people - allegedly)

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