Make Salvager to being able cause damage

So why there can’t be a situation where a tool for dismantling cause damage. It can be not very big. But it looks natural.

As collateral we have interesting balance between salvager possibility to get resources and the damage of wreck it causes.

When you salvage a wreck it will be destroyed then :] game mechanics, since wrecks have hp and you don’t always salvage on the first try.

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If it has to do damage, it will have to be classified under the “turret type” and will require a turret slot. And salvaging will become even more of a hassle…

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Interesting concept tho…, if you could tear up a ship with someone still inside. Would this ignore shields too? :wink:

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I too get angry when someone salvages my wrecks.

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Nothing is yours until it is in your hanger.

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It used to be yours and everyone thinking otherwise got a nice “you-may-kill-me-noaw” blinking tag on him for looking at your salvage.

You mistake salvage with items that didn’t get destroyed in combat.

I thought that was what Pandemic Horde pilots did anyways, looting and salvaging wrecks before the pilot is actually dead.

If I wanted to have my ship be impacted by salvagers, I’d fly Minmatar.

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How about a Combat Salvager module? It could function as a salvager (less benefit when salvaging than a regular salvager module), but it requires a turret hardpoint to equip and can deal a bit of damage at salvaging range.

And we need it, because?

Because we wants it, our precious Combat Salvager…

Most probably a frigate could kill it, i cant imagine it being useful.

extracting a pilot from his pod?

You cant do that

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