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Hello capsuleers o7

While I greatly enjoy EvE as it is, I feel like the “sandbox” side is becoming less a priority. It starter with Shattered Wormholes where you can only do what was intended to do, same with the abyss, where we can’t really do anything else than the game let us do.

As I said It’s okay, but I would like to propose an idea that could help give more “impact” on sand box side. And that use the Agency tool.

  1. Let contracts appear on the Agency.
    Okay, maybe not ALL contracts, but for hauling contracts, it would be very useful, render them readable, and so help new players to find activities to do apart of missions.

How: let the player configure the base filters (ex: show only contract that “start in current region” and “pay more than 100 000 isk per jump”) and show the planned base route on the agency map.

Optional: do the same with WTB/WTS contracts but without displaying them in the base view (you must go display them, to avoid flooding the Agency)

  1. Let capsuleers post missions on the agency.
    CCP, you showed with the abyss and the regular events that all we technically need for this idea is already in place. So what I’m proposing is to let ppl post their own missions on the agency.

How: a player open the creator, he select the objectives of mission (hauling, mining, security, etc), the level of the mission (from lvl 1 to lvl 4) and the scope (system/constellation/region) But also some text that an agent would specify (like warnings, lore info, etc).

ex 1 (basic): I create a mission asking for a delivery of 1000 units of isogen in my system, awarding each delivery by X isk, and the mission run for 1 day .
here it is very close of a auto-repeatable contract.

ex 2 (more complex) : I create a mission asking capsuleers to destroy X blood raiders, the event is constellation wide and I do a little story about how “those pirates raided on of my colonies and I want my settlers back”. The event has a global maximum score of 10 000 pt, each pirate killed award 10 points, If a tag is delivered it’s 50pt, and same if a “livestock” like “settler” is delivered. If player reach an individual score reach 100 pt, I give him 1M isk, if he reach an individual score of 300 pt, I give him [choose award, item, money, medals, or whatever].

In this case, the event would make event site spawns (using the rng used for abyssal deadspace (even if not as complexe) to give the illusion of a living world and not repeated places like in currents events).
If the global score is reached, the event stop itself.
All awards must be stocked by the creator before the event start (except for immaterial awards like the medals ofc) either it be money, items, etc
This kind of event would give new eden more “life” and let capsuleers create their own content.

ex 3 (even more complex): I create a corporation’s mission asking for protection in war. No max global Score, max 10000 pt for personal score. I award 1 pt per 10HP repaired on my CORPORATION ships/structures. 50 pt per enemy ships destroyed.

In this example, the interest would be to push ppl to interact in other’s war. replacing the mercenary thing of war dec which I find… lacking…

Precision: About the point system
I used the point system because it’s how the agency currently work. The idea of point is not the one I most like, but I’m proposing something that can be done by CCP without changing everything or making a new system.
Do propose your ideas ^^

To summarize:

  • Let ppl create dynamic content
  • Let CCP concentrate on other things than creating global event (even If I like them, I find them to be bleak because they are always global and therefore not really impacting)
  • on a side note, it could help RP-ers create lore-wise content and thus make the lore more alive.
  • make more sense to have capsuleers’ paid event than all those “mysterious” sponsors.
  • create a new isk-hole source to help refrain the inflation
  • public mandatory, so you never know WHO is going to answer your call, making more interactions.


  • must be well balanced in possibilities (maybe add a hidden player stat like the precision on on the discovery project influenced by survey answered by those doing the event and making more option available ?)
  • may be hard to balance the randomness of event’s site (when needed to).
  • don’t know how hard is for CCP to change contract code (maybe need to start from scratch?)

Let’s discuss !

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lol, you made all of this and don’t get what a sandbox game really is.

Needless to say: -1

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So, you say that this idea doesn’t fit with what a “sandbox” really is. But you provide no arguments.

Please elaborate.

On the other hand I do like the idea and I feel it can have a place in the sandbox, if balanced and implemented correctly. This can open brand new opportunities for players, and can give us one more tool for content creation.

Of course, it will probably be better when CCP manage to implement nice tools for mission creating, location/site crafting etc. So there is room for improvements for sure.

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Player created merry go round activities is not content in the sandbox sense. This would be a good idea for WoW.

Now, if the mission was “kill 5 goons”, then I’d say…

-1 we already have a bounty system :rofl:

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you know… except the people who then figured out how to run shattered frig holes with cruisers or live in shattered holes out of orcas. kind of a ■■■■ first point

because the haling section of the contracts doesn’t exist

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