Make the game more solo player friendly

Hi. I know it is in opposition to changes that are made now and I understand that. Playing in groups, more community involvement probably evolve the game better but some of us are individuals and like to play solo. It seems that solo playing is less and less rewarded. Mining solo with Orca became harder, owning a structure as a solo player is pointless, btw, what is wrong in having a structure and not being bothered?
Well, the game is still good for a solo player but I feel they’re fewer areas for successful play.
Am I wrong?


They want activities in a MMO, you know Multi player, tied to certain stuations more than solo. Mining should be done in groups, and owning a structure should take more than one to defend it.

Solo player btw, but when given the chance, i do love grouping up and doing mining, or fleets etc.

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You play solo just fine. There’s no reason to change anything in that regard.


Yes, I know, multiplayer and that’s fine but I am just concerned that solo playing won’t be fine in the future.

there will still be plenty of things for solo players to do, but some aspects of this game you shouldn’t be able to do solo…

The real issue is not the breadth, or lack of it, of solo playing. The real issue is that no matter how well you do as a player…no matter how many skills you have or how humungously big and expensive your ship is…a bunch of complete noobs with zero skills and a dozen ( deliberately ) cheap Catalysts can ruin your day and there’s nothing you can proactively do about it. It makes a complete mockery of skills and ship trees and so on.

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What aspects of the game shouldn’t be able to do solo? Shouldn’t be that more like a free market? You should do whatever you what and not being limited. The market eventually revises your play to be successful or not.

So what you are saying is a group of players working together in an MMO are more powerful than a single player? Seems to me to be working as intended.


‘Multiplayer’ simply means ‘multiple players’ - it could also mean ‘multiple solo players’.

Anywhere you get human beings in sufficient numbers though, some of them will form social groups, EVE included. I realise that’s not the point you were making, but it is important.

It’s important because that’s the way the real world is, and there’s a natural tendency for Art to imitate Life. It’s all held in balance by Toleration, one side’s of the other. And of course, there are players - as mentioned, above - who switch between the two, in EVE.

I think - and trust - that CCP will always make solo play entertaining and meaningful. Anecdotally speaking, solo players are some of the highest spenders per head in my immediate circle in this game, perhaps because their requirement for multiple accounts is greater than those who are comfortably ensconced in the embrace of a community-minded corporation, or other grouping.

There are ‘downsides’, of course. You mention Orca mining and structure ownership. I don’t see this as a ‘thin-end-of-the-wedge’ situation. It just makes sense in terms of the designers’ vision for the current game. They have nowhere stated that they wish to deprecate the solo playstyle, as a future commitment.

I agree with you that things are harder than of old - in my case, solo ganking of certain vessels in Highsec has become quite a challenge; but not impossibly so.

Like you, I do keep an eye on these things. If it gets too limited, I’ll just play something else.


No…I’m saying that it makes a complete mockery of having skills trees and ship trees if people with half an hour’s worth of skills and the cheapest possible ships can score kills against people with level 5 skills.

What part of that didn’t you comprehend ?

I’m not agreeing with your wish of invulnerability.


That happens in real life all the time. Quantity has a quality all its own.


You’re confusing two things:

  • playing solo: it has its own risks and rewards. There are benefits and drawbacks. You have to adjust your gameplay and expectations accordingly.
  • playing alone: this is the “try to ignore the sandbox” (aka "ignore other players) mentality.

The first is fine, the second I push back against.

Well, “whatever you want” is true accounting for the sandbox, it’s risks and rewards, which ones you as a player can tolerate – or have the personal capacity to grow to tolerate, and your experience expectations (whether you can adjust to dynamic expectations or whether you demand the same repeat rat-lever-pulling rewards). Reading between the lines, it sounds like you want less ways for players (including solo players) to interact, which does not sound like a healthy direction for an MMO.

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No. Eve is not a solo player rpg.

I am speaking about playing solo, not ignoring other players. Everyone is dependent on others in this game. I want to use all the aspects of the game without the need of creating a group.
I don’t want to “less ways for players to interact”. I don’t know how you read between the lines. I am against limitations. I want to have a choice not to be forced to do something. Maybe pushing into MMO is a good thing for the game but it is at the expense of the solo players and they are still part of the game. If it will be not fun anymore I will just play something else.

This implies “make my structure less interact able”:

It sounds like you are letting your Orca mining “ISK/hr” dictate your “fun/hr”:

Try something new you’ve never done before, push yourself to be uncomfortable, set the bar low (“lose ship and pod”), and do it extremely cheaply. Maybe that’ll be more fun?

I have fun regardless of my wallet size.

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I don’t have an Orca and I still having fun playing solo that game. There are still many things to do and I am not isk making payer. I am just concerned about the direction in the game and was wondering if anyone else has familiar thoughts.
There are many structures that are not interactable at all. Structures in wormholes that you can’t dock and are almost impossible to destroy.
I haven’t developed my sentence about that structures. In high sec they are pointless to defend as solo player. There are just no tools to defend it. That’s that game and fine but the question is what is wrong with the possibility of defending a structure as a solo player? Well CCP what more MMO game and ok but it is a direction to limit solo players. That’s my concern.

It’s not a real sandbox unless someone else can come over and kick over the castle (structure) you just built.

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hahah @Gix_Firebrand @Destiny_Corrupted


Well, in the real sandbox I can defend my castle and kick ass of the kicker. In EVE I can only watch my “castle” being destroyed.