Make the Purifier build from Tormentor

Currently, the Tormentor is the only standard frigate without a T2 variant. The Purifier currently uses the Inquisitor hull, which is already used for the Deacon. It should be switched to the Tormentor - you wouldn’t even have to update the Purifier model as visually, it looks like it could be built from either hull.

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The current situation is inconsistent, feels like a long overdue bug. A very minor and inconsequential bug, but it would be a nice change nonetheless.

Let the Purifier be a T2 Tormentor.

That’s because the t2 hull was an inquisitor. Always has been. The stealth bombers eventually got their own updated graphics, but they’re still roughly based on the t1 hull. Nemesis is based on the Tristan, Manticore is based on the Kestrel, Hound is based on the Breacher, and yes the Purifier is based on the Inquisitor.

If consistency is to be had, what should be done instead is make the the deacon use the tormentor hull, and switch the stat pages for the tormentor and the inquisitor.

How that will effect players in game, is merely that the ship graphic will change.

That said… I’m pretty sure the inconsistency is / was intentional.

The inquisitor was turned from a combat vessel (that used missiles) into a logi ship, where as the tormentor was turned from a mining ship into a combat ship. The other races had their mining ships turned into logi.

To further make your head explode, slicers use tormentors for production rather than executioners.

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