Make trigs spool tracking instead of DPS

I will make my proposal short :

  • remove the DPS spooling of trigs. They deal full DPS at once.
  • add in tracking spooling : tracking starts at 50% and reaches 200% after 3 min of continuous fire on T2 fullskill.
  • optional : spools the range too, from 70% to 150% in 3 minutes. possibly on some specific ammo (long range).

Why : the present spooling makes the trigs a niche ship. It reduces the worth of abyssals.

I agree that making them deal 100% DPS at the beginning is bad idea(too much). Still think DISCUSSION can improve things.

I think a cool down would be effective, you get a cool down cycle removing 50% of the spool up damage, it rewards the prepared and prevents simply alpha-ing everything off the field.
The spook down cycle would cut the damage at the beginning of the cycle allowing you the duration to engage the next target, if you fail to before the cool down cycle ends you lose all the spook up damage.

This just buffs small ■■■■.

Smaller ■■■■ won’t need the tracking to hit bigger ■■■■. Where bigger ■■■■ will require the tracking to hit smaller ■■■■.

Bigger isn’t better, this is true. Smaller isn’t better either.

By scaling the damage rather than the tracking, smaller ships are impacted the same as bigger ships.

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indeed, that’s an interesting point of view.

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