Make war pay! Get rid of null assest safety

Yup get rid of asset safety. Imagine some of the drops from stations blowing up 1dq or t5z keepstars at the time of the war drops would b insane. Right now there is no risk in null, war does not pay, it costs money to have wars hence no real wars happen.
If stations drop loot then more fights would happen.
PH pretends to shoot Frat and vise versa same with
It is just ■■■■ content with no meaning. Non invasion pacts crap.
But if these blocks actually made money from war it would increase destruction


Station pinata, perhaps more people would log on to defend or attack.


Or it would increase passive defensive play and more non-invasion pacts instead of fewer.

(Not that I think that asset safety is good as it is, I do agree that at least the ability of asset safety to move stuff from one system to another without hauling involved is something that could be removed.)

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Yeah what happens when a group gets attacked those with the shimey ships cant evac so they just asset safety there way out of a fight.
Wormholes have no asset safety and this is great
We form up, evict share the loot. Or we get blown up trying.
If people are worried about there stuff when they have a break from the game then safe log their stuff in space in caps or frieghters same as wormhole groups do

Having all your stuff when you come back from a break is not a god given right, I guess.

Nope null should b a dog eat dog area. If i was having a break i would move my stuff to a npc station and safe log my super etc

Cue the folks who take unexpected breaks due to RL

Can you use a Mule/Donkey anology instead?

If null sec is like that, what do we have w-space for? :thinking:

If we lose asset safety, then we should also get the same rewards for our PVE activities as W-space gets. Not having asset safety (downside of w-space) and no equivalent rewards is not fair.

Counterproposal to your stupid and uninformed rant idea: We get outposts back. No asset safety needed but you also can’t lose your assets. When we still had outposts, it was much easier to just deploy or move to some new place, generate content and then live there or return to your home. If someone took your home in the meantime, you still have your assets and can just retake them. During those times, we have much more content and activity because you were not bound to one place by a blackhole of an anchor.

And do you want to know something funny? Your suggestion to remove asset safety makes content even less likely to happen because you can’t leave your home at all or else you lose everything. This system would anchor and bind people even harder in one place and would remove even more drive to go some place to stir a hornet nest. That is why W-space is so deserted and only farmed by a handful of chars compared to null sec.


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If this was implemented, two things would happen:

  1. Any unaligned/small null corps would get steamrolled and their citadels blown up the moment the patch hits. Either join a bloc or GTFO basically.
  2. Big null blocs would hunker down and play defensively because there’s now a huge risk in the form of getting your assets stolen if you lose a war.

I still think removing asset safety under any circumstances, especially for faction forts, is a bad idea. Citadels were supposed to replace outposts, and outposts would never eject your hangar contents into the hands of some mouth breather. Furthermore, if you take a break and come back to all your ■■■■ stolen, your break would probably become permanent. The loss of subs from that is probably greater than the number of people who would actually sub to try and bash stuff, so that’s an economic issue for CCP.

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I still remember how my former alliance transfered their oldest structure in null to a newly made out-of-alliance corporation and CTA-ed to wreck the “neutral” structure in our space, because it was full of dark and light blue assets that had a chance to drop.

The whole “battle” here

was nothing other then a nullsec alliance AWOX-ing it’s own station to “generate content”, pad zkill, and to steal dark blue assets.

Nullers already have all their out-of-alliance alts to steal the dark blue space ESS. Give them the ability to loot out their own structures more efficiently, and you’ll see a large number of “content” on zkillboard, but it’s in fact anti-content. Just like the ESS risk modifier: corps in null collect loot from ratting sites, reproc it, build battlecruisers out of the loot, put their out-of-corps alts into the BCs and blow them up to increase the risk modifier on their bounties, and pad zkill. “gf”. Just look at all the masses of ships destroyed in null! Clearly, that’s where a lot of PVP is going on :rofl:

Corps are building battle cruisers to just pop them to up the brm? hahahahahaa really??? I find that hard to believe

If the gains from BC insurance together with the BRM increase are higher than the cost to produce those BC, I would not find it hard to believe at all as it would then be profitable for peoppe to do so.

I’m just surprised if it is profitable, but in that case CCP can easily tweak the BRM to go up a little less fast or to go down faster so that gaming the BRM this way is no longer profitable.

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