Making 500m an hour with low sp and cheap ships

Here’s the thing about a sandbox. Nothing is stopping you from gathering some friends and making that a reality.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Just because you live in non-high-sec doesn’t mean you consent to be griefed by PvPers in a PvE sandbox game. You think players mining or running anomalies in null-sec are there to lose their ships to you? They’re there to do content in their PvE game, and you’re interfering with that.

I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this before you finally understand it.

I’m obviously not talking about miners and people running pve site’s dont be silly. There is no challenge in that. Those people mining and doing anom’s don’t only do mining and anom’s otherwise they would get super bored.

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Have you ever read the forums?

Bourne witness to an Orca fleet or a mission krab?

Or any kind of krab? Thats all they ever do.

Abyssmal krabs are the worst.

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I don’t want anybody else
When I think about me
I quote myself :musical_note: :partyparrot:


Seize this man, he touches himself! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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this is in your mind
i said

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That graph is only accurate for the first 50-100h of play then the losses hurt less and the victories feel better.

The graph itself needs a graph to plot its change over time.

Is that even possible thou?

im my interpretation every 2 of happy = 1 of sad ± so most people prefer never risk get 1 sad than going for 1 happy
or something …

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Let’s say sad = x ; happy = y
x depends on the cost of your ship vs the total real life hours of farm needed to get it.
y depends on risk and challenge and if you are successful or not.

So naturally if you make 60m isk an hour and you loose 1 ship worth 60m then that ship is as painful as loosing 1h of your time.
If you are making 600m isk an hour than its only as painful as loosing 6 minutes.

So that takes the equation of
x = 2y
3x = y

And makes the whole pvp experience better for people.

This is also why I’m very happy that CCP is working on faction warfare, the avg ship cost is much less than normal pvp ship’s. Which helps this x = 2y problem.

With cheaper ship’s needed for a good fight with a decent income and Eve will be a much more healthy place. I think when Faction Warfare finally comes out our population numbers will go up a lot.

Let’s call it the x = 2y Problem

An Eve Golden Age hopefully. And no that doesn’t mean Amarr Victory :joy:

Anomic teams are no big secret. It’s old content. Shouldn’t be news to any regular over here.
You’ll soon get bored of doing them over and over.

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The anomic’s aren’t the secret the secret is doing them with low sp and a cheap ship instead of a 500mil fit which is plastered all over the internet.

Technically 5mil sp and a 10mil ship is enough for the teams.

Also not a secret. You can kite and brute force them with something a little blingy or you can kite and exploit the ECM thing on the logi NPCs in something dirt cheap.

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Spent ages on the test server trying all sorts of things, even mass e-war(tracking disruption) which did nothing xD

I saw the ECM method but it only worked for a bit then stopped working I thought CCP patched that.

Thanks for the info, I changed the heading.

If you want to suggest a way to get decent isk with low(ish) SP and and cheap ships that actually promotes taking a few risks, do confessor wolf-rayet ratting in public fleets with vulfpeck or NPSI alliance.

That way you’re actually getting people out of highsec and interacting with other people that can teach them about different aspects of the game.

Ratting is less terminally boring with friends too.

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I spoke to you in cov today, if you head their now my CEO will probs undock and fight you.

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I’m like 40 jumps away atm xD but thanks for the offer.

These value’s are for low sec thou, its definitely taking a few risks with cheap ships its better to do it in low and null I don’t know how many fights I had doing this with people gate camping. Especially with those Roll playing caldari dudes camping -0.4 sec syndicate my gosh it was rough lol.

almost killed the bugger as well, was just starting out thou and my fit was terrible xD

But wolf rayet wormholes sound fun wont lie. But last time I did the math the income seemed pretty bad. Also its going to take a year of scanning to find those illusive C 13 :p’s think it was like 100m/h or something CCP really need to buff the small ship pve/pvp mix content.

Like running fw lvl 3 missions actually gets a ton of fight’s but the missions them selves pay like 20mil/h, and the 4’s you need to fit so extreme pve fits that you can’t pvp in them which is terrible.

C13s are like 100m an hour, the public fleets do them in C5/C6 wolf-rayets where you can get 200m an hour per toon (ish)

Also I have some C13s seeded if people want to buy an entry

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This here sounds like some good opportunities for some fleet V fleet fight’s wish CCP really pushed these type of opportunities, compare that with t6 frig abyss where there is no pvp content opportunities and its 300m/h per person :confused: seems out of wack if you ask me.