Making the Evergreen Rewards Suck Less

I am proposing a change to how the reward system works, as well as several possible daily and milestone rewards.

My post was getting way too long, so I decided to put it into a video. Figured people would be more willing to listen to a video, than read a wall of text. I also added clickable timestamps in the video description for those that want to jump around. Video can be found here.

Naturally, I’m not going to regurgitate the whole video, but I will provide some highlights for those that prefer them.


I recommend a reward system similar to Warframe’s (random daily rewards with guaranteed milestones). Random daily rewards:
(1) Allow for easier fine tuning (i.e. can adjust reward chance by a few percentage points)
(2) Allow more valuable rewards to be given out (you can make reward chances 1 in 100,000 or less)
(3) Players have the possibility of getting something amazing with every log in. Most days they’ll get something mediocre, but there’s always that chance.

Milestones are guaranteed good rewards. Even if a daily reward sucks, players will always be making progress towards that next milestone.

Individual Reward Design Requirements:
• Can’t F##k Up Game Balance
• Can’t F**k Up the Economy
• Can’t F##k Up CCP’s Bottom Line
• Most Players Can Find Something to Like
• Alpha Rewards Shouldn’t Incentivize Farming

Rewards can be balanced by adjusting:
• Chance of Getting a Particular Type of Reward
• Chance of Getting Better Variants of a Reward
• Strength/Potency
• Duration
• Soulbound or Not
• Fully Built or BPC

Obviously, some of these rewards will require some work on CCP’s part. Where possible, I try to provide suggestions for how CCP might be able to reduce the amount of work needed and/or get as much mileage as possible out of a reward.

Random Daily Rewards:
• Abyss Filaments
• Cerebral Accelerators
• Unallocated SP
• Drugs
• Glamorex Standings Booster
• Security Status Booster
• Fireworks
• Charge that makes ships explode in spectacular fashion when destroyed
• Colored Containers
• Subscription/Plex/MCT Coupons
• MTU for Corpses
• Event Lore Trinkets
• Lore Trinkets Based on Capsuleer Actions
• Plex
• Eve Event Vouchers

Milestone Rewards (Can be every x number of logins, or a one time reward on the xth login):
• Capsuleer Loyalty Skins
• Eve Artwork (allow players to change login screen artwork)
• Live Player Backgrounds
• SoCT Ships
• Structure Skins
• Capsuleer Loyalty Cosmetics
• Bonus Neural Remap
• Character Resculpt Certificate
• Character Rename Certificate
• MCT Time
• Omega Time
• Physical Items


Colored Containers CCPlease

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Damn. I guess I should be happy no one is calling me an idiot and Nicolai Serkanner isn’t telling me to ■■■■ off, but I can’t believe how little interest there is in this thread. Do people just not care about the evergreen rewards, or did I scare everyone off with walls of text and 30 minute videos (or maybe they just saw player suggestion, rolled their eyes, and moved on)?

Perhaps this might help pique some people’s interest. These are mockups I made for a few of my reward suggestions. I don’t know if these are the most realistic rewards, but they have pretty pictures. So…

And, of course, check out the video if you want my whole spiel.

Live portrait backgrounds

Live Portrait Backgrounds

I think structure skins should be volatile (applied to one structure and destroyed when the structure is destroyed or unanchored) and tradeable. I know players didn’t like volatile skins, but a single structure can service hundreds, if not thousands, of players. Thus, 99% of players will never use a structure skin if you don’t make them volatile.

Anyway, here’s a mockup. I was having problems with the color replacer in photoshop, so I had to stick with colors that didn’t look like total ass.

I also would really like to see some different hangars. Of course, I realize complete redesigns would take a lot of work. But even simple things like changing the lighting can go a long ways towards changing hangar ambiance.

Capsuleer loyalty skins would also be really cool. I know designing new skins would take a lot of work, so CCP could do things like design one year’s worth of rewards (1 per week, month, quarter, whatever), and then just tweak them for subsquent years. Like, they could just do color swaps, change metal bits from bronze to silver to gold, or add service stripes for each year of log ins.

We survived 16 years of EVE Online without daily rewards (outside of event specific login campaigns).

No one cares about these. We’re only doing it because it’s just a mechanical part of the login process now.

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