Malak93 for Wormhole CSM 16

My EVE Online Story

I was born in July of 2009 into a family of impoverished Highsec mission runners, so at first I did not know any better than to join a group of like-minded folk (New Age Flying Industries). All this while though, I felt something dark looming, lurking, calling to me… That life was not for me, I just knew.

As I wandered off into lowsec, eventually a bunch of pirates (Ghosts of War) took me under their wings. Though I was raised in a family of pious Khanid, I soon realised I had considerable Blood Raider heritage, as my wrath and fury in battle were uncontrollable. Not long passed until I was deemed a warlord among my chosen kin. Lowsec, though, was dry hunting grounds, and in 2010 my tribe joined one the the big Nullsec empires (Initiative Mercenaries) promising us a better tomorrow and a steady supply of belt rats in our very own system in Immensea.
Indeed, the opulence and splendour of Nullsec did not leave my upward glance unimpressed, as I cowered in a POS, huddled underneath an Erebus-class bridging Titan ready to propel my Executioner into the fray along with hundreds of battle hardened veterans in Remote Repair Battleships. Many engagements followed, many corpses collected and deep frozen in my archive. Once again, however, I felt restless, looking for something I could not quite define even to myself. I left Ghosts of War and a frantic journey of self exploration led me to SniggWaffe, then a Pandemic Legion training and vetting corporation, back to The Initiative. and eventually THORN Syndicate, briefly. I realised only later that the cause of this hollow feeling was no specific corporation – it was this world of rigid hiearchies, paper pushers and diplomats. Frustrated, I entered cryo sleep in 2013 for almost five years.

Upon my awakening in 2018, I found most of my old comrades had vanished and the face of New Eden drastically changed. I refreshed my skills as well as my wallet by running Incursions at first and then ratting in a Nyx to build more capital. Time and again, mysterious people would emerge seemingly from nowhere, making attempts on my life without explanation or hesitation. Some might turn away in terror, but in me it rekindled a familiar feeling. I sold of all my assets in Empire space to become a faceless menace from the deep, just like those nimble shades.

Out of Focus was my first wormhole corporation. Based in a C2 wormhole with a Nullsec static, the joy of our existence was to be a plague on all of Nullsec without discrimination, to pillage and plunder, to devour the flesh of our victims. In absence of a grander design, however, I soon lost interest. I directed my ambitions at high-class wormhole space. A place with ancient powers dominating, bound by an arcane code of honour, where war was waged in machines of dreadful aspect and frightful impact. I found patronage in the corporation Ehehehehefkae (pronounced AFK), where I quickly learned to walk the noble path of a high-class dweller, but I took pains to never forget the plucky ingenuity of a warrior forged in lowsec and low-class space. When AFK collapsed due to many of the old guard retiring, after some deliberation, I settled for the next best thing: a home with Hard Knocks Inc. in Rage, from where I have been endeavouring to export death and destruction for over a year.

In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Solo and small gang PvP

I have attained a forward spot in multiple 1v1 and 2v2 Abyssal Arena events, and I have the SKINs to prove it. Coming up with meta-defining fits and executing a bold strategy is a passion to me. I can also look back on a long history of solo and small gang PvP across several eras of Eve (before the big rebalance following the Summer of Rage, after, and the post-Citadel age).

Wormhole (Capital) Brawls

I have been part of wormhole brawls since my time in Out of Focus. There, I could gain experience in the smaller scale (~10-20 people) brawl meta. In AFK, I gathered first hand experience of something I had only been watching from afar: the infamous apex of wormhole content, multi-cap honour brawls involving up to 60 characters on each side, incurring catastrophic damage to the loser. I was fascinated by brawls of all kinds, how there was a delicate balance of e-war, positioning, boosh plays, neuting. During my time in AFK, I helped craft fittings and decide on tactics. Since the Surgical Strike patch of April 2020, the meta has simplified to mostly to DPS races, whose rapid spillage of blood might be enjoyable, but whose swift end leaves one dissatisfied and wanting for more. The apex brawl is history, sadly, though I long for its return.

Wormhole Farming

I have extensive experience with many sorts of farming in wormholes. Be it C3 sites in a Rattlesnake during my early days in wormholes, static farming with my comrades in OFOC, sharing my first C5 farm with a corp mate, nomadically moving from C5 to C5 in three dreadnoughts. Sharing my first C6 farm and owning my first C6 farm, I know how people think when they farm, and what their concerns are.
What makes me distinct from many people who might have similar levels of experience is that I have seen this farming from the hunter’s side as well. I have back-scanned site running Dreadnoughts, seeded Dreadnoughts of my own to gank other Dreadnoughts, rage-rolled into site running subcaps and caps, been rolled into, been log-off-trapped. Trickled fleets in through frig holes and crit holes, held tackle on a gang of Russian capitals in a shattered C6 for an hour while scanning in reinforcements.

I have helped several people take the leap into high-class farming to make more ISK, which, by extension, means more blood and guts everywhere, as plentifulness breeds wanton displays of power and cruelty.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

With all the wormhole candidates who have been stepping forward I felt empowered to raise my voice as well. Together, our roar shall swell such that we cannot be overheard. The institution of the CSM has long been dominated by self serving Nullsec representatives, while we crawled in the muck of ignominy. No more! The tables will turn on a 7/10 Nullsec CSM and wormholes will see a second blossoming under our glorious reign.

You may wonder why I am running, when Hard Knocks Inc. has already put forward one candidate. Due to my small gang background and low-class heritage I have a different perspective to offer than Orin Borider, whose reputation may be tarnished by his heavy participation in the eviction meta promulgated by the Ugandan Death Squad. The multitude of his farmholes, netting him several billions of ISK every month might also do its part to make him unalluring to many, as he embodies an aloof wormhole royalty many cannot identify with. By contrast, I will advance ideas beneficial to the “little guy” of wormholes, i.e. the average member of a low-class dwelling corporation who runs sites with his buddies in a high class static. Should I be one of only a few members of W-Space to be elected into the CSM I will of course always be available to serve as an advocate for the less fortunate of us.

  1. I will force CCP to design and implement a full line of Sisters of Eve capitals, whose most important feature will be their ability to use low-class connections due to their significantly reduced mass compared to the other capitals.

  2. Likewise, I will push for the Angel Dreadnought to finally be released. First of all, it is simply appropriate for it to have the model of the crab-shaped Angel Titan, though scaled down. Among other mobility features characteristic of the Angel line of ships, it will have a drastic reduction in the cycle time of its Siege Module, lowering the amount of time it is tethered in place helplessly. This is to serve as an incentive for people who may be feeling Dread-curious, but have been too skittish to dip their feet into the ambrosial pools formed by blood rivers of Drifters gunned down by 25000mm Autocannons.

  3. The age of the Gas Rorqual is to be upon us. As swarms of ventures are about to descend into the unkown depths, established wormholers can have an advantage by having heavy machinery ready in hole. Let the sight of dozens of Rorquals ravishing a gas field remind Goons where the real Delve is from now on.

This is only a small selection of my interests, ideas and opinions. Would you like to know more? Just ask.

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Finally, some sensible proposals

Friendship with Orin ENDED. SoE caps now my new best friend.

skale approve

As a member of UDS these accusations that we make billions are incredibly outrageous.

ok now this is pog +1 vote

finally some politician trying to buy my vote with things i actually want! +1

What is your opinion of the mighty armor Sleipnir and were you involved in its invention.

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A position I’m quite fond of is to make scanning wormholes be instant, if you have astrometrics to 5, and the support skils to 4, what do you think about this concept?

Is this really happening? You have my vote.

and my axe

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I was not in AFK until after that fight happened, but I have heard many cries of woe about the nightmares inspired by those Sleipnirs. Maybe the real Vietman is in J115405 on July 29th, 2019.

I think it’s a concept that walks a tightrope between genious and madness, but it’s definitely closer to madness. It seems that the moderate amount of burst jamming ended up only delaying an inevitable demise. If they had fitted a more appropriate number of burst jammers, though, it could have worked. They neglected to put jammers on the Oneiroses, the Damnations, the Nestors, the Bhaalgorns; even the Guardians could have had a burst jammer. So much wasted potential.

I am not a fan, I must say. First of all, the difference in scanning difficulty can be a helpful clue before you have even scanned down a wormhole fully, saving you a warp or even just helping you prioritise which holes to scan on the fly. To give only one example, an H296 can generally be two cycled, while an M267 is a three cycle. If you are looking only for capital-sized connections then you want to ignore the M267, which will have an immediately obvious much lower signal strength.

But apart from that, do you really want to put all those poor Virtue farmers out of work? If anything, CCP should introduce a High-Grade Virtue set for people who want to scan wormholes down faster.

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Can you please give your position on c4 space?

confirmed solid dude :heart_eyes:

The virtue farmers aren’t using the implants to farm wormhole signatures, they are looking for combat/data/and relic sites. Those would remain the way they were before, but having wormholes be scanned instantly when any of your probes scan it would add content to the game on a grander scale imho, and it would help reduce the fatigue that WH corps deal with in bringing in new players or even old players to their region.

As the back then CEO of Ghosts of War, i can confirm Malak quickly became our Warlord. Knowing him, if i was in any form connected to wormholes, he would be my vote and might still be.

Malak, i salute you one more time o7

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