Manufacturing Question! (I'm Very New)

  1. Is there a way to mass produce an item at one location?
  2. Can you make a ship to produce more products at a time?
    Please just help me figure out how to produce multiple things at the same time.

Welcome to the madhouse!

I’m not the best industrial character out there so there may be more detailed answers on the way but…

  1. If you have an original blueprint you can make copies and produce several lines of that product at once (up to the maximum number of production jobs you can do). You can also use multiple original blueprints to do the same job but except for really small items it won’t make financial sense.
    1.1. Make sure your blueprints are fully researched before you start copying or producing!
    1.2. Research your profit margin before you commit to mass producing anything - no point having 10 jobs of ‘ammo x’ going if you’ll make a loss on each job!
    1.3. With blueprints you can do multiple runs in one transaction so, going back to ‘ammo x’ each run produces 100 rounds. If you want 5000 rounds you can have one job slot doing 50 runs (mass production) or 10 blueprint copies each doing 5 runs… The second one will give you your ammo faster but takes up most of your production capacity!

  2. There are no ships that will give you capacity to have more active production jobs sadly.

  3. Make sure you have your skills right before you start - the better your skills in production the more you can produce.

  4. Find an Indy based Corporation who may be willing to help you set up and become profitable.

Happy to talk more in game if no one else jumps in with more experience


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you are limited to the number of runs a blueprint has, and there is also a hard limit on how many you can make at any one time as well.

I dont understand the question. You can only use a station to produce products. The number of products you can make is dependant on the skills you have.

  1. How much you can produce is ultimately controlled by the number of manufacturing slots your character has. That number of slots is determined by your skill levels in (advanced) mass production. All manufacturing takes place in structures (stations, player owned structures), not in ships

  2. How you use the slots available to you is up to you. You can do multiple runs from bpcs/bpos, you can also put multiple copies of the same bp at work in parallel, whatever you fancy. The manufacturing slots don’t care what you use them for, more of the same, or a variety of things, the slots are independent of each other.

For more info see: Manufacturing - EVE University Wiki . Reading the description of the skills will already give you some more insight.

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