Manufacturing rigs for trigger neurolink conduits

I’m experimenting with making certain Trigger Neurolink Conduits (e.g.). I’ve found a few player-owned structures that are rigged out for manufacturing, but can’t figure out which rig I would need to go for. This assumes that a suitable rig exists, which I guess might not be correct. I should note that I can make them profitably without a rig, but the rig would increase my profits by a reasonable percentage, so it’s worth putting in the research and asking around.

The conduits are listed as Components > Advanced Components in market groups, so I had assumed that Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency I would cover them, but it doesn’t seem to be that way: I had to use the input quantity implied by an unrigged engineering complex. The same structure is rigged with Basic Capital Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency I, so that can’t be it; and a nearby structure with Structure Manufacturing Material Efficiency I doesn’t seem to give a bonus either. I suppose it’s always possible that these items don’t benefit from any manufacturing rig bonus.

Does anybody know?

Okay, and so now weirdly I’m getting the bonus at the original structure with the Advanced Component rig… Maybe I had it already and missed it (though my residual stock tells a different story).

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