[March] The Monitor Flag Cruiser

Hi CCP id like to recommend that instead of a new ship type for FC’s i would like to see a new Sub System for the already heavily used T3Cruisers that most FC’s use that would do much of the same things such as weapons dont work and buff resists. Thnx for reading my post in advance

I’ve been scanning through this thread and I have to agree with what most people have been saying.

This ship is the most stupid idea ever and is pandering to people with stupid ideas.

This ship will be abused in every way described above and more.

Why not create module that can be fitted to certain ships that when activated gives effects similar to this but has the added effect of disabling warp drive and gate travel for 3-5 minutes after it has ended it’s cycle.

That means that anyone who tries to abuse this mechanic for GTFO purposes will die in a fire and anyone who uses this in fleet combat is basically committing to the fight. So it needs to be an expensive ship with some harsh penalties for getting killed. I wonder if we already have anything like that? Oh yeah! T3C’s!

So make a module similar to a command burst module that requires some kind of fuel to run.
On activation it applies these effects:
30 second cycle
Capacity to fit 10 cycles of fuel
Can not receive remote repair
120 second reload timer
Can not warp / jump / gate travel for 180 seconds after module deactivation.
-90% signature radius
+95% all resistances
-75% cycle time of Armour repair / Shield Booster
-90% capacitor needs of Armour rep / Shield Booster
-95% damage to weapons and drones
+95% resistance to energy neuts and EWAR and webs

This way, no new ship needed. Just a module and some changes to the support sub system.

That cool looking new ship can be made into something else. Concord attack battle cruiser?


The irony.

If this was some troll post about improving survivability for the solo player everyone would be foaming at the mouth and proudly paraphrasing “Eve is hard/adapt”.

But because this is a fleet buff, no matter how artificial, nearly everyone nods wisely as if it is all perfectly respectable.

Philosophical objections aside tho…I think the idea could be improved/ taken a lot further. Why not ditch the ‘just another pilot’ pretense and give FCs a new fancy mobile camera interface instead of a ship, this could open the opportunity for a whole new FC experience in Eve with a whole new tailored interface to help them direct their minions. Sort of like Total War in space.

Are you reading the same thread as everyone else? The one full of ‘this ship is a bad idea’, ‘this ship is inadequate’, and ‘this ship won’t be used for anything but bumping freighters’?

No, I only flicked thru a few at random and fired off my post… Agree there is more dissent than I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the great discussion everyone! I’ve caught myself up with the thread and will be adding a few more bits to the FAQ at the top over time.

We’ve also discussed some of the feedback so far internally and decided to make some changes to the Monitor to directly address some of the well reasoned requests raised in this thread: namely the requests for probes and a way to get on killmails.

  • Add one highslot and an additional midslot
  • Add a 10m3 Ammo Bay
  • Three new role bonuses:
    • 99.9% reduction in powergrid and cpu requirements for Scan Probe Launcher and Target Painter modules
    • 300% bonus to Target Painter optimal range
    • 99% reduction in Target Painter effectiveness

The main impacts of this change are the ability to fit a probe launcher (and hold some probes), as well as use a target painter with extremely long range but extremely weak painting. As side effects it also allows triple-prop fits and auto-targeters both of which we’re fine with.

Keep the feedback coming!


Can you elaborate a bit on the warp speed concern in particular? This ship has the same warp speed as normal T2 cruisers (faster than T1 cruisers).
It’s completely intentional that the Monitor has a slower warp speed than frigates and destroyers, and that it can’t keep up with the fastest cruiser doctrines (Cynabals and hyperspatial rigged cruisers) but I’d like to hear more about the potential of it not keeping up with “most cruiser fleets”. Would a non-hyperspatial logistics ship for instance be too slow for these cruiser fleets?

As for the subwarp speeds and align times, keep in mind that the numbers listed on ship balance threads are always before skills or bonuses take effect. Agility in particular gets better on this ship in practice once the pilot trains some levels of Gallente Cruiser.


The blueprint for this ship will just be available in BPC form at this time, with BPCs sold through the CONCORD LP store.
There isn’t a player-flyable T1 version of the CONCORD cruiser at this time so we don’t have any good candidates for invention.


@CCP_Fozzie do you have any comment about well-meaning comments from some FC’s, that making FC’s too strong could reduce the overall talent pool over time? Backup FC’s gain experience when they have to take over, because the lead FC is knocked out.

Is that seen as biased toward large groups that have more players to draw from, in the first place? (Small groups may be lucky to have even one player motivated enough to take a fleet out.)

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Instead of the 99% reduction and range bonus, you should just introduce a Monitor only target painter:

Wiyrkomi Harmonized Optimal Ranged Extron



I like this Idea, and make this module capable of be used on anything. Right now, TP can’t be used on some structures (can’t remember which one)


Good changes. The ship is now useful.

Its still low tank.
Its ehp is high because its dual tank, but its strongest setup, armor, its still weaker than both legion or damnation.
and for shield, its still lower than all the shield command ships when you dont add in the ehp from the oposite tank

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It has the sig of a frig. That alone gives it a shitton more tank than a CS.


Is the Monitor Flag Cruiser supposed to be a go to FC ship ?

I must ask why the range bonus for the tp.
It can be activated even when the target is not in range, so a range bonus doesn’t help anything for whoring.

@CCP_Fozzie are there any concerns with this being used as an unkillable exploration ship? Come after this ship solo say in an astero, yes it can’t fight back, but its going to take me an hour to kill it?

edit: Disregard, didn’t see the note about only being able to fit prop mods in the mids, and now additional TP

How can it? It can’t fit hacking modules, it can’t fit anything but 10m3 ammo and it has no offensive capability… worst exploration ship ever!

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Agreed. The target painter bonus is silly. It’s only there to whore so just leave it as a regular target painter with no bonuses or remove the range bonus.

Can’t you fit hacking mods on any ship with a midslot that can fit the pwg/cpu? yes there are no bonuses to it like exploration ships, but the affect of people getting bored enough to give up trying to kill you seems pretty nifty.