[March] The Monitor Flag Cruiser


(Ersio Heleneto) #21

The main issue i can see with this is that you can’t fit a probe launcher. Can’t say i would ever want an fc ship that doesn’t have combat probes

(Jump Supers) #22

Disgusting ship

Completely removes a huge element to fleet combat.

I have Fc’d at many levels for a number of years on and off and not once have i ever felt the need for such a useless and pointless ship.

CCP falling for a minority of players that complain about ‘Headshotting’ while using this exact tactic themselves to win objectives.

Complete waste of time

(Q Sertorius) #23

This is such a terrible idea. There is no reason to add this stupid ship. The fact that you have to gimp it so much means that you should never add this thing.

An FC ship needs combat probes. This cannot fit combat probes. So, it’s useless as an FC ship. If you did let it fit combat probes, it would be too powerful. That’s one reason why this is a bad idea.

It also has no way to aggress (get on kill mails), so it gives no credit, and cannot gain aggro.

Add a special probe launcher that gives an aggro timer.

(Scotsman Howard) #24

I’m not home to compare right now, but how does that warp speed compare to other ships? Based on memory, 3.3 would put it at a command cruiser/battlecruiser speed? Also, can someone tell me where this fits agility wise with other ships?

(Justin Cody) #25

April Fools? Oh crap…

(Querns) #26

Adding a high slot for a probe launcher seems like a good idea. With no cargo bay, the ship won’t be able to light a cyno.

(Steve Ronuken) #27

You’re not going to get a probe launcher on this.

It’s already been asked for and roundly shot down by the other people involved.

If you need to probe, use another ship. Being able to probe in a nigh invulnerable ship would be an insane change to the meta. Because it wouldn’t just be used for fleet fights.

(Sekhpty) #28

This is a fantastic idea. All it needs is a way to get onto killmails.

(Killah Bee) #29

Can we get a probe launcher slot pls. Thanks <3

(Fotis) #30

Just make a tankier command ship with extra low DPS. No need for more special case ships

(Tipa Riot) #31

I don’t like the situation that we have to introduce one trick pony ships to solve a balance issue. Isn’t there a solution which feels more organic, some bonus to certain ships tight to the fleet boss position in a big fleet, for example towards the usage of ADC (longer duration, stronger resists)?

(Rivr Luzade) #32

Without a cargo bay it cannot even use the probe launcher because you cannot fit probes.

(Killah Bee) #33

can you tell me some examples where you see an invulnerable probing ship that cant fit anything would cause problems ?

(Nolak Ataru) #34

Let me guess, this was shot down by the same people who want to remove fleetwarps?

(Justin Cody) #35

FC How Do I make TiDi worse? Oh yeah.

(Jay Amazingness) #36

Why don’t you probe yourself out of this thread high sec boi

(Querns) #37

… an excellent point. Hurm. It could load probes into its probe launcher while docked, but it would only get to use them once. That is certainly a problem.

(Beekillrz) #38

It needs a Probe launcher + the ability to fit a whore something.
Either a gun
Or a target painter with -100% efficiency.

(Odinegras) #39

Ccp at its best…

(Hy Wanto Destroyer) #40

Hi as a FC this is a really dumb and pointless ship. There is literally no need for this and fcs wont fly this in alot of situations icos you cant whore and you have no probe launcher so…