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Hello everyone.

I’m Maria Taylor, an ordinary player from the Chinese alliance Fraternity., running for CSM 15. The major goal I run for CSM this year is to represent the normally misunderstood players from China. Despite that I’m probably not in the exactly neutral position to cover every Chinese player, best effort will be exercised to ensure the majority of homegrown Tranquility Chinese players’ voice getting expressed.

My EVE Online Story

EVE Online was introduced to me by one of my friend. While both of us are developers, she highlighted the ESI functionality and expected me to make some use of it. Soon the full sandbox feature of the game attracts me to dig deeper into it. Lonetrek was my home for the first few months. I finished every single new player mission without guidance and formed my basic understanding of this game. Meanwhile I travel along with the help of Lonetrek Region Market (Probably that’s why I failed to leave that region at all).

But with the help of fellow friends and corp members, now my knowledge stretches across New Eden, including many different playstyles. While doing my usual work as a student and programmer, I am now capable to enjoy the game in many different perspective and work with lots of excellent players.

My areas of expertise

As a developer, I maintain the whole IT stack for my alliance. Occationally, to satisfy people’s requirement and make their life easier, I would make a few widgets. The data transparency is the best quality of this game to me. Being accessible to different variety of data allows me to build a clear vision of the community.

I have served as community leader in a few different projects. From translation works to running public services, I satisfy these users and deliver critical message to corresponding person. Two years of EVE life gives me the same sense of urgency to help others out.

The reason I am applying for the CSM

As a ordinary player, I stand a unique point to represent the Chinese community in Tranquility. Serenity is already well-known, but I want to bring native Chinese TQ players up. My current position allows me to receive first-hand feedback from Chinese players and I would make sure that they deliver to the right destination.

Player expectation

An easily reachable Point-of-Contact for the community.


我很高兴听到您正在运行“ CSM”。



Unfortunately I did not have enough time to make a video after I decided to enter this campaign. Next time I’ll try to make one. :slight_smile:

Actually it is the community that encourages me to at least try to run for CSM. I can’t say whether it will succeed or not, but it remains a valuable experience to me and my friends.


P.S. My English reading ability is better than writing, so feel free to ask questions in English.

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If you don’t have enough time to make a video you will not have enough time to campaign or to be a good CSM. CSM is like a second job and it has very high time requirements. Running for CSM just for fun or because the community encourages you is not enough.

A moderate size of video takes approx. 1 week to edit and another 0.5 - 1 day to render. That process would take up all computing resources that I have. I’d plan 10 days ahead and allocate extra resources for that intensive job if I gonna produce quality video. Other jobs instead, are not that intensive and can be done in parallel.

That is incorrect. My video took less than 20 mins, 3 of those mins was rendering. If you did not plan ahead to run for CSM than your candidacy is built on caprice. CSM is not what you think it is. There are serious time management skills and life skills that are necessary.

I get your point, but I’d choose not to argue on that indefinitely as it is more of an issue of computer performance and personal taste. Sorry for that. :slight_smile:

Videos are actually not a critical problem like that (I have seen you made similar comment on several candidates that would nearly hit spam limit from a moderator’s perspective) otherwise CCP would list that as a requirement.

From my point of view the value of CSM members left behind the players they represents. 10 CSM members - each one represents a specific group of players and together they can cover the entire playerbase. They collect community feedback, evaluate and put them forward at the meeting. There is nothing intensive except for the summit. Although it do involves time management, I failed to see how this relates to life skills.

Anyway, regardless of how to define a CSM member as a good one, I’ll try my best to make my knowledge of the community available to all and represents their voice accordingly.


As a Chinese player who started on TQ, I can’t agree more about the problem of misunderstanding. You got my vote sir. Good luck! o7

As a Chinese player, support your candidacy. Hope we can make the role of Chinese players for the prosperity of New Eden

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It’s a great pleasure to finally have a Chinese player who is willing to stand up and present his opinions and the oeds to the CCP on behalf of the majority of the Chinese players.

You got my vote, sir.I hope you can can represent the aspirations of Chinese players as you said.o7

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i will vote for you.
wish you can take our voice to CSM.

Eve does not need ethnicity based CSM candidates.
Your post was extremely vague; you have no reason to run for the CSM other than “to represent the Chinese community”. Exactly what are some issues you would like to represent? Why should anyone vote for you?

On a side-note: The Chinese community is not “misunderstood”. Assuming you’re complaining about being called a bot 24/7. There is sufficient evidence that states a large majority of players in your “Chinese” Alliances are or have been botting. Do people not remember what happened to singularity the first time around? You can say the same thing for the “Russian” alliances with botting and RMT. You’re just the new kid on the block; of course people are going to pick on you.

That being said I welcome any player who legitimately plays the game and grinds like everyone else instead of cheating.

Interesting point.

The botting meta is the least thing that I need to worry about, nor I have any actual power to stop them. Probably I’ll try to convince CCP to remove AFK ratting but that’s all I can do. It’s apparently useless to just shout at CCP. The major user base I stand for will always be the normal player only limited by the language ability. Thus it is your misunderstanding to assume on that botting topic.

I believe the largest part of CSM work is for general topic in a much wider range. In that case, the practice of setting a specific target is, in reality, nonsense and only serve as campaigning purpose. Eventually, realizing these promises, though possible, proves to be not as fruitful as initially estimated.

Note that above words have no implicit meaning of that I have nothing to argue about, which renders my candidacy pointless. One of the topics I want to put forward, for example, is the TiDis that are killing good fights. Another one is the container & mobile depot ad spam in highsec area. Moreover, I still need to collect more insights from my fellow players as most of them have difficulty accessing the official forums. To that extent, I serve as a “bridge” between officials(global) and locals.

Additionally, it is a misunderstanding that my campaign is a desperate attempt to beg you for the votes. I have to take responsibility for every vote I get, and it is nearly impossible to make everyone satisfied. So if my candidacy does not suit your taste, go ahead and vote for someone else. This is how democracy works.

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Maria - What is your connection to the Serenity PIBC?

I don’t have any accounts in Serenity, and thus no connection to PIBC.

+1 Good. I hope you can see that folks are concerned that what happened to Serenity doesn’t happen to Tranquility.

Chinese players are most welcome, some of the problems that plagued Serenity Server are not.

Even if you are FRT, I wish you luck in this campaign. :wink: Growing the Chinese community on TQ could be a good thing!

May I ask; What are some of the issues particularly facing Chinese players on TQ?


We are actually actively looking for contents and large-scale fights around conflict areas, for example our Zealot SIG participated in the epic battle happened in X-7 earlier this month (br link). :male_detective: Though it would be much more entertaining if no TiDi involved. TiDi really is the thing that is killing on-grid player experience. (Nobody loves the long and boring sov wars, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: )

While language and network latency are universal issues for Chinese players enjoying international games, we are particularly sad that CCP removes our ability to use Unicode characters in citadel names. There were a few attempts recently in order to save these citadels which have their Chinese names set before the patch, but unfortunately all failed due to us moving far from Angels to Drone Region. (related br)

With the presense of Serenity I doubt these problems will ever get fixed. So far the majority of us still have to use a EULA-violating patch that enables Chinese language in-game. Other problems exist but are mitigable.

Diversity of cultures is what makes this world amazing! I totally support this candidacy as it will bring a fresh perspective to the CSM. You have my vote!

fully support, as a vet player of EVE and a Chinese, I got your back for sure!

I cannot recognize the national flag below your profile picture. Whats that?