Mark for CSM 18 - Let's Do It Again

mark, can you make HS combat sites give more isk than blue loot please :slight_smile:


Marks the type of dude that when you fall off the grid completely, will go to great lengths to make sure you’re ok and just burnt out and not in any real predicament, and that’s more than I can say for several people I call “family”.

Stand up guy, actually cares, wants the best for the game at large not just wormholes (though that is his bread and butter) 10/10 will vote for Mark again.


Hi Mark, long time reader, first time poster.

If I’m going to vote for you, I need you answer the following question first:

“If you could wake up tomorrow with one caricature which would it be and why”.

Your choices:

  • Brisc Rubal’s penchant for wearing expensive suits.
  • Merkelchen’s glorious beard.
  • Dunk Dinkles legendary patience.
  • DBRB’s infamous laugh.
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I’ll take the laugh because I’m close on the second and third and I’ll be dead and in hell before I get caught in a suit.

While Mark being on the CSM (and the Meta Show) makes my job as a Recruiter for Turbofeed or Glory (which is recruiting btw) much more easier, I have other and better reasons why you should give him your first vote:

He proved he can get in once already
Not that I heard of any serious competitors for the role of wormhole CSM anyway, but there is just no reason not to put Mark first on your ballot if you’re being realistic in wanting a wormholer on the CSM

He knows why the hole closes
I’ve seen him repeatedly closing and scanning holes so he is a true wormholer.

He will eat you if you don’t
Seriously guys I’m frightened.


truth cannot be spoken more clearly than this brother.

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keeps fortizar i afk alive so i would vote :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot:

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You did good Marky Mark. You have my vote.

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Underrated comment


Oh, and in case you forgot :slight_smile:

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oh god my sleep paralysis demon returns

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You know I’m Sorry right?.. in Advance!

(and now recruiting :rofl:)

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holy ■■■■ you’re tall.

also going to add that this slideshow actually helped someone who want to venture into wormholes in the future…

only thing that keeps grinding my gears about wh are citadels anchored being something warpable instead of something you should see in dscan and scan with probes…

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@Mark_Resurrectus as a fan in our mascot : Castor d’Amour


Why does R̶o̶s̶s̶ Mark the largest f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶ CSM candidate simply not eat the other f̶i̶v̶e̶ CSM candidates?


This option remains available.

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Mark I have watched you quite a few times on your show and you seem like a pleasant chap and I remember Brisc saying you are a work horse and I have no reason to believe he was just blagging.

I am asking a few CSM candidates this:

I’m looking for a candidate that will hope to persuade CCP into getting rid of the 1000 vs 1000 blobs and getting rid of renting.

Do you have any thoughts on these matters?

I don’t think I want to see 1000 vs 1000 blob fights go away entirely. EVE is my favorite game because EVE is about 50 different games all in one, and one of those games is the apex nullsec all out server grinding brawls. They’re every bit as much of the fabric of this game as my preferred engagements, something closer to 40v40 wormhole fights.

That said, current nullsec mechanics certainly do create the conditions where every engagement HAS to be, or can easily spiral into, a blob fiesta. The state of projection being what it is, I think it would be appropriate to find creative solutions and make those fights something that don’t happen just because it’s so easy for everyone to get there and pile on, but because both groups have strategically staged assets nearby and are engaging over valuable points of conflict that are worth dropping the whole house on. Currently these kinds of conflict drivers are few and far between.

You’ll see large scale engagements in wormhole space too, but only because the groups involved have been staging assets over long periods of time - they can’t move them all at once because they’re limited by mass. I’m not saying that putting mass restrictions on ansiblexes is the way to go, but mechanics that force groups to move with ample consideration and careful planning is, I think, preferable to just allowing everyone to freely move about the universe at will. It’s those mechanics that create blobs, because when everyone has immediate access to content, everyone is going to move immediately towards the content.

That said, I’m not a nullsec guy so I’m far from an expert on the matter. I’ve certainly offered my fair share of suggestions in the past, but I shouldn’t be the one to tell anyone how their space should work.


I forgot to mention renting. Tbh for the longest time I thought it was a meme and it wasn’t until a few years ago I realized there are actually people spending spaceship money so that other spaceship people will let them live in their backyard in the spaceship game. I intend to counter renters by harvesting them for their delicious killmails.

As for the landlords themselves, they will be dealt with by mercilessly bullying them with comparisons to irl landlords and other such deplorable rentoids.

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