Mark Resurrectus for CSM 17. Father, Husband, Wormholerbtw

Thanks dad :slight_smile:

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go Mark, you are Awesome

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Thanks other dad :heart:

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As a random dude from a mostly irrelevant german wormhole corp I support Mark as CSM 17.
Not only was it an honor to fly with him, we’s also a very handsome guy with alot of good humor and … yeah he playes EVE from time to time and knows how to not role wormholes.
Good enough I guess. <3

We’re no SYNDE pets. Please trust me.


Having flown on various evictions with Mark and Turbo I can say they support my world views. Very interesting speaking with them on comms. Solid support to specific other groups.


He’s finally moved to c5 space, he gets my vote this year!

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Having flown with Pitts and Turbo in the past, i can confidently state that Mark and TURBO do not support Pitts world views.

A vote for Mark is a vote against Pitts!


On behalf of the Prismatic Legion alliance I, XVXTeacherVXV, being of relatively sound mind and body, wholeheartedly endorse Mark for the distinguished position of Wormhole Daddy I mean CSM17, if for no other reason than he’s still optimistic enough to want the job.


I have had the pleasure to know mark for a few years now.
He is both charismatic and highly knowlageable. He also has the humbleness to seekout knowlage if he belives his to be lacking.
Wormhole Daddy has my vote


What steps have you taken to fill in the knowledge gaps you displayed in the last CSM campaign?

I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, I feel like the principle of the thing still has value. J-Space has historically been underrepresented, especially recently, and J-Space deserves to have someone who will stump for the things that matter to wormholers who is also from J-Space. Wormholers, even diminished in number as we’ve been, still play a vital role in the greater EVE ecosystem and their voice matters just as much as anyone else’s.

On the other hand, I still want to (perhaps misguidedly) believe that the issue with some of the more broad changes that the devs have made in recent years has been perspective. It has been almost three years since there was a wormholer on the CSM, and the game has changed a lot in that time. Throughout all of those changes, there was nobody with a lead into CCP’s ear to tell them directly how those changes would affect our region. Having someone who can sit in that room and straight up say “if you do this, people are going to leave the game” is something that, I believe, will introduce some level of accountability, if not introspection.

I think capital krabbing in C5/6 is in a good spot. Avengers offer a good DPS check for the relative ease of dread krabbing and while I personally wish more of the drifter payout was shifted towards avengers, I don’t think it’s a necessity.

As for dread+fax+subcap, you’re walking a really fine line with regards to engageability. Any subcap group with fax support is going to be difficult to engage without overwhelming numbers, especially in a combat site, and putting a dread on grid with that fleet makes it that much more difficult. Krabbing isn’t just a vehicle by which you make iskies - you’re entering into a predator/prey ecosystem and it’s important that the game is balanced in such a way that the ecosystem does not heavily favor one over the other. Being able to field dreads, triage, and a subcap fleet with web loki or whatever feels, to me, like a swing too far in the direction of unapproachable.

Of course, the real answer is that you can field siege/triage/subcaps, it’s just not economical to do so. If you want to krab in a way that is objectively more difficult for hunters to engage with, the downside is you won’t make nearly as much money doing so.

The only major change I would make to high class krabbing is one we talked about last year as well - rats should be able to split their scrams to hold more things in a site. We had talked about prior to the filament change, wherein large groups of battleships could yeet away from danger at a moment’s notice with minimal losses because the sites only hold one target at a time. Even though filaments are dead, I think there’s still some value in this. Force subcap fleets or dread squads to make a decision as to whether to stay and try and burn down the tackle, or gtfo as soon as they can.

I can’t speak to any perceived knowledge gaps I displayed, but I am always working to learn more about the game and the myriad of ways its played by different people. I’ve built a strong foundation over the last few years of people and groups I can go to if I feel like I lack experience in any one area and request insight or perspective that I might be lacking. That collaboration is the very thing that I believe we need more of from the top down, in order to make simple, common sense adjustments to game balance and the overall game ecosystem that benefit the most possible players.

Thanks third dad <3 <3 <3

How do you think this ability to call on the expertise of others will help when CSM ask for your input on some change to wormholes at a CSM meeting? You don’t get to “phone a friend”

I’m not trying to pick on you here, I’m just very aware of what a bad job Exooki did when he was on CSM. As an example, he thought that unrollable frigholes were a great change rather than the cancer they are.

CSM members get asked for input on things that they can’t discuss outside of the NDA. This means that a CSM member needs to have a sufficient level of knowledge themselves. If they can’t forsee the problems it doesn’t matter how popular they are with the wormhole community. My memory of the last CSM campaign is that your best moments were you agreeing with the input of other people.

So, have you done anything in the last 12 months to improve your understanding of the game? In my opinion having a “strong foundation” doesn’t really cut the mustard. “Looking to learn more” also doesn’t add up to much. What have you yourself actually added to your knowledgebase since then?

Of course you do. There’s never been a situation in my three years where there hasn’t been time to think about something and provide reasoned feedback later.

It’s really easy to ask folks for ideas and feedback without breaking the NDA. I do it all the time. I know Ken does it all the time. I am not at all concerned that Mark wouldn’t be able to do that if he needed to.


Only if you think there is a need to go back later. If you can’t see the problem in the first place you won’t try and go back to CCP later.

I’ve been told by two many CSM members about things they had mentioned to them by CCP which went over their heads at the time. They only saw the problems later down the road in hindsight.

Brisc, you can vote for whoever you want. I can vote for whoever I want, for whatever reason. I’m only going to vote for candidates that I think have the knowledge and expertise to see the pitfalls in every daft idea that CCP come up with. Over the last few years I have seen CCP adopt a reverse midas touch to the game and this has had a profound impact on wormholes in particular. The last wormhole CSM was in favour of pretty much every thing that CCP did to screw up wormholes over his term.

I voted for Exooki when he got on and I am most certainly not making that mistake again.

You don’t have to worry - Exookiz isn’t running.

Mark is, and I have complete confidence that he’ll be a great CSM member.


Ill vote for mark even though im not a WH person.

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Emphasis added by me.

I agree wholeheartedly with the bolded part. That predator/prey ecosystem is carefully measured and balanced by both the prey and the predators. It’s measured and tested constantly, especially in hi-class. However, I must disagree with the conclusion you arrived at in the italicized part. My first foray into wormholes was in Probe Patrol when they were in Ixtab. The ratting meta at the time centered around fielding these heavy assets to cause escalation waves, as that’s where the bulk of the ISK came from with hi-class. I don’t remember much of WHs those days since I was there for only a brief time, but I do remember watching some of the old videos that have long since been deleted of people rolling into these ratting fleets, and both sides escalating and escalating until you had a massive brawl that destroyed dozens if not hundreds of billions of ISK by the end.

I believe that the current meta of solo Dread, tiny roach fleet, or worse solo Marauder, disincentivize ragerolling for “spontaneous” PVP, because there’s no opportunity for the defenders to reinforce the grid before everything dies, because most roach fleets do not have enough reps to hold grid longer than thirty seconds. I think that something ought to be changed, if nothing else but to shake up the meta.

rats should be able to split their scrams to hold more things in a site.

That I can agree with.

Also, thoughts on giving the Devoter missile hardpoints?