Market base fee same item - repeatable?

May be a dumb question, but I’m not sure of how it works the base fee when reselling the same item.
Do I have to pay again if do not sell the item and need to put back on without modifying the order?
I know that if I want to modify the order I have to pay the difference in fee if price would increase, but…
Do we get the fee isks back if item is not sold, or part of the fee back if we modify the order diminishing the price?
In which cases is possible to pay the base fee only once fore items?

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You can experiment with any inexpensive item to hopefully answer your questions. Look in Wallet / Transactions - to see what taxes / fees are taken out when listing an item for sale, and increasing its price.

Yes. Broker fee (if you create your own order instead of filling existing order of somebody else) and sales tax (if you sell) are subtracted from your wallet the moment you place your order. After that there is no refund for that.
If you cancel your order and place it again, you pay fee and tax again.

If you modify existing order, you get discount of course according to
If your order was partially completed, for instance you already sold 4400 out of 10000 items you were selling, you will have to pay relisting fee only for 5600 items.

Only if you place your order and never modify it after.

Never modify the price, but prolonging the time should be fee free, but it’s not…
I already placed some orders, I think the answer is no… there is always fee each time
you put the item back on the market… what a bummer… I wonder if there could be some
corporations discounts!

Relisting fee means you pay twice for the same item, when it run out of time…
I don’t see the discount…

raising the standing with the corporation/faction of where you are station can get you from 1.5 to 1.0% in broker fees and advanced broker relations gets your relist fees down… accounting lowers your sales tax to 3.6%

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