Market prices are sick?

I just start play 2 days ago, and today i just do casual missions and combat sites for 2h, found chip that i trade for astero blueprint in corporation store sisters of eve, i bought ore for about 350k isk and manufacture a ship worth 50 mln isk on market without learning skills in industry o.O, well i cant fly it yet , but its wierd don’t you think ? Frigate that is not so special as i look at it, worth same as battlecruiser, but it’s cheap to make …
Something wierd is going on here …

Because it’s not the ore that gates the price, it’s the chip/BPC.

Is that chip so rare, that i am unbelievable lucky ?

It’s a good find, yeah.

Yes, it is rare. It can be produced from SEO LP shop blueprints, but it takes fare amount of LP and some ISK too. If you find chip, you are lucky to find all this LP and ISK at once :wink:
Astero has some special usability, it is covop frigate with least skill needed to fly it. It is also one of the very few frigates, that can (almost effectively) do exploration and be (limited) combat able at the same time.

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Hmm, another 1,5h flying today and another chip, it seams not so rare :slight_smile:

It’s rare enough for 1.5 hours of work, alphas who afk dominixes in havens can pull 60m in that 1.5 hours, and there’s the chance for escalations which can sell for 150m, and faction drops which can also be worth a lot. Also about 10m worth of salvage per site. And all this doesn’t even include the loot drops from rats.

In that 1.5 hours, people with supercarriers can earn close to 250m isk, not including salavage, escalations, loot and faction drops.

SOE chips aren’t terribly rare, but at the same time for 1.5 hours you get what you worked for I guess

Anything less than 500m/phr is deemed not to be all that great as super carrier ratting or level 5’s can pull that. So if all you want is isk why do anything else ratting wise*

The new meta is 1b isk per hour apparently. You can make that by running combat sites in the bigger wormholes.

With established logistics yeah. But you can lazily solo 500m in a goon pve corp. Med Clone to 1dq and buy everything you need in station then warp to your sites and farm in 99.9% safety.

Or you can do so in level 5 same risk but no corp tax or boot licking needed. Warp station to site and back. You do need to grind out 5 access first.

Not one to disagree often but yea, you can solo 1b per hour in some WHs

How? What fits? Isn’t that risky? I’ve been jumped even in lowly WH which only allow up to Medium ships - very recently I had my other toon in a safespot, and thanks to that I managed to fend off a Stratios who jumped me along with a Gila… I was flying a Stabber and a Vexor. Had I lost the ships I would have lost around 90m isk minus insurance shenanigans.

Im sure you’d need more than 90m isk fits in order to run WH that net you 1b per hour, and you will have a target on your back even larger…


congratulations! Yes, the token is rare - you could also buy one for quite a lot of SOE loyalty points. In general with faction ships most of the price tag is for the BPC.

Please don’t fly it until you can use a covops cloak and have lost a few T1 explo frigates (around 1M fully fitted) while exploring wormholes and have understood why you lost those…


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