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I am doing manufacturing for the Jita market, so I sell a lot of items through sell orders. Periodically I copy the entries in wallet journal and transactions window into an excel sheet to make some statistics and I noticed something that I can’t figure out why is it happening.

When I sum up all the entries from the transactions where I sold items, the credit column, and sum up the “Market Transaction” entries from the journal, the Market transactions always ends up being less then the credit of the items sold, when they should be equal. From what I can see the sum of all Market transaction entries should be the correct one but I don’t understand why is there a difference. When I look at these entries one by one they are equal. Does anyone know why?

Are transaction taxes included in the Market transaction entries?

As suggested by @Elliath_Will, I suspect your wallet filter settings aren’t capturing all the trading frictions. Make sure you see Brokers Fee and Transaction Tax as well as Market Transaction.

Edit: Brokers Fee is paid when you list the item (2% - 5% in NPC stations) , Transaction Tax is paid when the item is sold (1% - 2%)

The transaction tax and brokers fee appear separately from the market transaction entries.
When I see each market transaction, that equals with the amount that is shown in the credit column in the transactions tab. But when I sum these up they end up different.

If you order the 2 list and set a cumulate sum you should find the first delta

That is a great idea. I tried it and I can see some entries from the transactions tab showing more than once for some reason. I guess it’s a problem with manually copying the entries from the game. I should use some way of exporting wallet info instead.

Thanks for the help!

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