so you guys have messed up so badly the chat wasn’t working proper yesaday and now the market is screwed how in hell do you keep ■■■■■■■ up so badly, like really wtf going in dev on bug fixing here little screen shot is eve free to play and no subs because this game is like no mans star when it was release it so bad that the game gets broken like this and you guys don’t even say sorry we made a mistake.

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Yeah have the same problem :confused: Always when u need it :slight_smile:

Ohhh the rage, you obviously have no idea how any of this works… insulting them is gonna make them work oh so much faster… lmao. And just to clarify, they have apologized numerous times for the issues.

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sorry mate but I sorry that I feel that paying for service I not getting I not allow to complaint so sorry to have annoy you so much to get you to reply, oh yea I can complaint so will contince to do so until they fix their dam game

Well you are probably going to be waiting a long time then, a game of this scale, much like no mans sky and elite dangerous is going to have bugs and to actually find and isolate those bugs could take weeks to months if they were to bring the game down completely, this game has been out for 16 years and is still doing pretty damn good, so they must be doing something right… and you are right, you do have a right to complain, but insult them why, cause you lost a couple hours of playtime…

thank you for all the useless info on how long the game been out and all thankyou I was wondering how long I been playing this game since it was release in feb 2003 who would thought the bugs ie features would be around so long well if we don’t complaint then the devs don’t know if there a problem so that how people know there a issue funny enough that for wasting another reply

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