For those who live where the market leaves something to be desired, places like Jita are an oasis. Suppose you were to buy items from a market like Jita and sell them back at your local market.

What factors would you consider in pricing those items?

I personally shoot to get my ISK back, plus sixty percent. I pulled that particular number from the anterior caudal portions of my torso rig, but I’m curious if others use a particular logic in pricing items they purchase specifically to sell them to others.

I’m no hauler or trader, but I would not only look at the markup, but also at the volume sold.

Even if you can occasionally sell something at a 300% markup, if that happens once in a blue moon you’re not going to make a lot of ISK.

Sure, volume is important. It’s a lot easier to make ISK if you bring back a lot of what people want at one time versus one-offs here and there.

Of course, if you’re selling at a 300% markup, you can make a fair bit in one run, depending on what you’re selling. At that percentage, though, I’ll risk the run to Jita instead.

It’s a balancing act between “make a profit” and “compel customers to get it themselves 'cause you’re charging too damn much.”

Honestly, I think it depends on who you are selling to, how far away you move it, how difficult it was to move it, and the prices of competitors. I never had a formula I used, however. I would just kind of wing it, and then adjust my prices up or down depending on how it sold.
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