Marmite causes Eve Youtuber to quit. Blames wardec mechanics. Who is really at fault?

Greetings fellow mercenaries,

I came across these wonderful reddit threads which I’m sure will be referenced for years to come. I didn’t see the topic cited anywhere hence the creation of this post.


The main cause for discussion is this beautiful Youtube video:

Is Marmite at fault?
Will CCP pick content creators over wardec mechanics?
Is there any truth to what the youtuber had to say?
Has someone mirrored this yet?


I will so much miss his content. So much.
No, not really. Who is he? Never heard about him before.
Seems like he is just another one that don’t want to play the game, but instead he wants to be “left alone”.
Does he even understand the game? Instead of overcoming problems, he is whining about his problems. He seems to feels so entitled that CCP will make a game for him, just him. Why is even playing a MMO?
To answer your questions: 1) No, 2) Is there a contradiction between those? 3) No


Ye, I got that the guy was not able to stand against his own loses and blamed others for it. Meh.

It’s a video made by someone who’s frustrated, hot, and uncomfortable.

Let’s give the man some slack and let him blow off some steam. If he’s still doing PvP in lowsec, he’s still producing content that matters.

He’s entitled to his opinion, and he’s entitled to express that opinion. I don’t agree with it. Many of us don’t agree with it. We shouldn’t mistreat him for it, though, and should probably stick to the topics proposed in the OP that do not reference the person directly if we don’t want this thread locked.

A sore loser is what he is

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Wow forums are blowing up because of this guy haha

I should post a counter video where I go to low sec in my shiniest ship and get gang raped at a gate and tell everyone how enjoyable the experience was…

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The only one at fault is him for taunting Marmite lol
It could have been so much simpler

Also, he’s been ripping off other people’s youtube vids so karma strike back I guess


I don’t blame Marmite. They’re only playing the game by the existing rules and mechanics. If anything are they instrumental in bringing these issues to surface.

I won’t comment on the guy’s attitude, but who really knows why 100 players have left his corp and alliance. Sure, they will not have liked the wardecs, but to claim they’ve all left EVE is very likely just FUD.

What I do agree with though is that it is the new player who has the most difficulties and that it’s an area I definitely would like to see more being done, too. Getting tossed in a bucket full of sharks to teach someone how to swim does certainly produce some tough players, but when too many don’t survive the treatment then it is a bit of a waste and a missed chance really.

Just a FYI - I am not quitting eve, at no point did i state i was quitting eve - I said, I AM NOT MAKING CONTENT for eve online because of broken mechanics, thanks for your time bois


You do realize you’re only now known for being one massive raging baby…

That rep is going to stick :joy:


Watch and learn my friend, this entire incident is not what it seem’s to be

Watch and learn :slight_smile:


I hear you don’t like cuttlefish.
Unluckily for you and your alliance, we’re coming to feast on you people as well :wink:

Try to not cry too much :kissing_heart:

Rip thread

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@Tora_Bushido I think you broke your toy’s again


I already know how exactly this thread will end, so better lets not go there.