Marshal Styled ship for piracy

So with the current fad of the Marshal, is there any hope that we can se e a pirates version of this ship.

So instead of rep bonus based on sec status, we see rep bonus based on negative sec status. So for each 1 pointnegative status we gain a 5% rep bonus.
This would be great to see in lowsec hunting…

you could actually take it completely opposite of the highsec / carebear version and go …

Racial bonuses would be applied to their defensive abilities so…

Amarr level = 5% better res
Gallente level = 5% better armor rep
Caldari level = 5% better shield
Minmatar = 5% better shield or armor (after all winmatar like all things)

Then sec status would affect the damage, So you would get 5% damage increase on each 1 point of negative status, meaning a massive glass cannon that has some tank realities

Pirate factions already have battleships. The Marshal is a CONCORD ship. Different faction.

So you want carebear things like defense and reps…And 50% more damage bonus to all weapons? The Marshal gives a rep bonus that only effects its local reps, this thing would be a dps/tank monster.

CONCORD regularly go around killing capsuleers.

Can’t get much more pirate than that. GrrYarrr CNCRD.


not pirate in sense of guristas, but real pirates, the ones that fight back :slight_smile: there is nothing that has close to what this ship offers in terms of bonus, and you get extra bonus for being a carebear… or another bonus on the ship that offers extra ‘gank’ for negative :slight_smile:

why do all nullsec ratters / highseccers get the new toys :frowning:

Because highsec is treated like a kiddie pool and a retirement home and Null is the posterchild for eve. Lowsec get the shaft and is treated like a semi pro team…Tougher than Highsec not cool enough to mess with like null.

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It’s easier to farm low sec status than high, so I doubt it.

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so this sort of thing was fun for a one off line but i really don’t want to see ccp go down the road of giving ships bonuses based on crap like this. i don’t want to find my self in 3 years running a bunch of alts that i have had to grind sec faction and corp standings just to min max every little bit out of them


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