Mass asteroid NPC fleet buildup

Massive spaceship battles

  1. Set max limit NPC ship on grid to 100x ships, i.e. each belt can have a max of 100x ships. ( x being 0.1 for hi sec, 1.0 for low sec, 2.0 for null sec)

  2. Disable asteroid belt NPC despawn.

  3. When sub capital ships reach 50+ % of limit, switch to spawning NPC capital ships, freighters.

  4. When capital ship + subcap ship reach 80+ % of limit, switch to spawning NPC super capital ships/titans.

  5. When super capital + capital + sub cap ships reach 95+ % of limit, switch to spawning NPC named versions of all 3 ship groups.

  6. When total ships reach 99% of limit, spawn an NPC station, mineral silos, drug labs, turrets, etc., .

  7. Colonialism : When all belts contain a max size fleet , chance for one entire fleet to move into a belt of adjacent system. The belt empties and begins to regrow a fleet.

Thoughts :

The general idea is to create a dynamic man vs nature setting, where pioneer alliances need to exert effort to clear belts of NPC fleets before they grow out of control, including fielding player capital fleets - which then encourages more capital/super capital PvP action - a 3rd capital fleet drops on top of a second capital fleet dropping on the NPC capital fleet.

Rewards of clearing the NPC belt fleets should equal risk of losing entire player capital fleets in the attempts, i.e. trillions of minerals, parts, and capital BPCs that require freighters to move - further encouraging more PvP action over looting.

Let’s not add another ISK faucet that can be easily farmed.

No thank you.

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Just because you have a capital fleet doesn’t mean you’d win, nor does it mean no one will come gank your capitals / freighters.

The mere possibility of a capital fleet getting ganked is not a compelling reason to implement another ISK faucet into the game.

Sure it is. Since there is the isk drain(losing trilllions of isk in ships) balancing the isk faucet ( gaining trillions)

Are you referring to an “isk sink” when you use that phrase?

losing ships is an ISK faucet.

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