Mass cloaky camper

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PI is worth doing as a relatively passive income stream even in hisec, I had two accounts with all the characters trained up to do it.

Burner missions are a good one to get into and of course level 4’s especially SOE missions, then look at incursions but you have to go in with what I found to be arrogant annoying idiots.

But make sure you get into some purple groups to do PvP and you will enjoy the game. Good luck o7

PS Alternative ways to gain income is how to deal with AFK cloaky camping so it is totally relevant.

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next time you’re online, ping me on the forums. maybe we can set up a chat. i refuse to use the mails, it’s a mess.

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I think I know the person who is troubling you. If it is who I think it is, he’s a pretty big jerk.

Anyway, when I get cloaky camped, I like to rat with friends for safety. Instead of using one gila, use 3 or 4 with remote reps. Bonus points if you bling out the tank. This way you can safely engage, and win against, smaller blops gangs.

I hope this helps you in your ratting endeavors!

With love,

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It is a niche activity. Not every player does it. Not even most players do it. A small subset do it. Which is precisely why the OP is an overwrought load of nonsense.

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I know what you are going through.

I usually deal with it by just blinging my ship more and more, until I can tank them all.

Officer mods, deadspace mods, it all works.

Hope that helps!

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Echoing what my sister, xXxAUNTJEMIMA24xXx has already stated, it takes someone exceptionally cruel to cloaky camp the majority of a region.

She’s right though about safety in numbers. A lone gila or ishtar dies fast, but if your friends are there with remote reps (preferably A types), you’ll chase off most hunters. Show the camper that is YOU who is the hunter! You and your friends are in this together, and you will prevail.

Yours in Christ,

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Out of respect for the town hall I will hold back on unleashing textual pain on the Op until this thread is moved to its proper place. C&P.

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