Mass test on Singularity: Thursday, September 28th, 2017


(CCP Habakuk) #1


We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Thursday, September 28th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?

  • New moon mining and
  • New refineries
  • Updated graphics for asteroids
  • Client and server performance

How to connect to Singularity for this test:
Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the upper left corner of the launcher and log in as normal. More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:

  1. Meet in FD-MLJ at an Athanor
  2. Undock
  3. Watch moon chunk explosion
  4. Mine asteroids from chunk explosion
  5. Warp to an asteroid belt
  6. Warp to Ice belt
  7. Optional: Change ship from mining ship to combat ship
  8. Warp to X-BV98 gate
  9. Check the personal mining ledger
  10. Jump to X-BV98.
  11. Warp to an Tatara
  12. Shoot + kill the Tatara
  13. FFA fight

What else should I know?

  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system FD-MLJ
  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test
  • For the first part please be in a ship with a fitted mining laser or mining drone (you can use a proper mining setup or some mixed fitting) - you can switch the ship in the middle of the test
  • For the later part of the test please be in a combat ship - and it would be great to see quite a few missile ships.

Massentest am 28. September um 17:00 Uhr UTC
(yellow parasol) #2

as someone who never participates in such tests…

do i need to have the necessary mining related skills on TQ, or will these be granted on SISI, automatically, to every participant?

(CCP Habakuk) #3

We have not decided yet, if mining equipment will be needed for this mass test. For the case that mining equipment is required a regular miner I should be sufficient, which can be trained within a few minutes. I’ll update this forum thread as soon as I know more.

(CCP Habakuk) #4

The test steps have been updated and yes, we would like to have some mining gear for the first part of the test (a simple mining drone or a Miner I would be sufficient).

(thumernlife) #5

Are war targets active on the test server? TIA

(Furphie) #6

I will not be able to participate in the mass test.
I did have a quick look. New explosion looks really good.
My only feedback is (if you haven’t changed it yet) the asteroid field after extraction and explosion is still very symmetrical. Just looks like a ball. As I said not sure if you have changed that yet.
Thanks Regards

(Ayx Shewma) #7

Does this mean there will be a new mirror of TQ today? if so, when does the mirror happen?

(CCP Habakuk) #8

No, there will be no mirror today. In general it is extremely unlikely that there is a mirror on the same day as a mass test.

(Smilin Jay Gallentealt) #9

My first mass test was a blast! Thank you CCP guys… I tried, but I didn’t find anything broken. I’ll keep trying… :smiley:

So far I really like all the improvements! Mining ledger is awesome. Gate info improvements are great, and I really like the new agents menu.

(SarekofVulcan) #10

always fun to be had on masstests. next one i might have something shiny to fight in, we will see

(Christobal Buchner) #11

By the time I actually made it to the conspicuous Athanor at 20:00 server, all that was left was the next piece of a moon being tractored towards the mining citadel.

Did all the ‘chunks’ get picked in a feeding frenzy, or do these despawn in two hours, like cans?

(CCP Habakuk) #12

Thanks for participating in this mass test! It was great indeed (and your bug reports are currently being investigated)!
I added 2 million skill points to 494 participating characters. 297 of those characters also participated successfully in mining the asteroids from the moon mining event and are listed now in the CCP corporate mining ledger on Singularity. :smiley:

(CCP Habakuk) #13

Several asteroids were still left from the mass test, when I checked 5 minutes ago. In the current version on Singularity they despawn after 24 hours, but this will be increased with the next update to 2 days (if I remember correctly) and can be increased further with one of the rigs.

(CCP Habakuk) #14

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