Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Question. I am new to Singularity but know that every 3 months or so a new copy from TQ is made.

Will these 2 million skill points (and other skill points handed out by GM’s for events like this, etc) stay with my character when the new TQ copy is live or will they disappear with the new copy?

Thanks CCP Habakuk



I ask again good sir - whenever skill points are awarded to capsuleers for mass testing (as requested by CCP for help in testing new fixes or data dumps, etc) what happens to those skill points when SISI is updated with a new TQ mirror? Are those 2 million skill points gone forever? Are they placed into the unused skill point pot where they can then be re-applied? When TQ mirrors are the skills updated by those 2 million skill points kept at their updated/applied level?

Each mass test event on SISI is a great boon to the game as a whole. This mass test event saw less than 300 capsuleers participating in this event, which is most certainly not a great number given the total number of Eve subscribers alpha or otherwise. Those who did participate did so for the greater good - to help solve real issues in the game, of course for the SP, and who wouldn’t want to help take down a Molok even if it was “festival fit” lmao! It was fun for me! I thoroughly enjoyed it - where else in TQ can you see so many uber fit faction ships in one engagement? The couple hundred ships destroyed would likely rival the cost of a 1000 man standard fleet doctrine fit on TQ - so that to me is a great opportunity to review all of the data, learn a lot about bling engagements, and much much more. Again though - for me, it was fun - so I just want to know if those SP are permanent on SISI, or temporary based on the quarterly mirroring.

Keep it real please :wink:

Thanks, Lei

Temp. From what I understand. When new mirror goes live, it’s basically a copy of TQ, skills and all that, at time of mirroring will be same.

When a new mirror is being applied (about every 3 months) I am re-applying the skill points from the last 5 mass tests. It depends on the frequency of mass tests, but normally you can expect that the skills points from a mass test are active for about 6 - 9 months.

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