Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Unfortunately I cannot help you, unless you explain me with a bit more detail what problem you are experiencing.

4 bug reports and even more support tickets it is kind of getting annoying .
Open market window select region and show available only the window dose a strange flash thing sometimes and the items tree shows nothing like nothing is on sale in the region. If I do select solar system or station works fine .
I reported in February that the region market was not working right . Was also told by your support people this IS A KNOWN ISSUE and is being worked on so bit of a shock that you don’t know about it. It has been reported I did send screen shots and how to repeat the problem and that it is the same in lots of different regions but for some reason nobody in ccp really seems to be botherd

Im accidentally delete my main character on SiSi.
Does it means that i cant participate mass test until next mirror?

Thanks for describing the issue and this is indeed a known issue. This is caused by market orders within Upwell structures not being counted for the region overview - as it is very CPU heavy to check if you would be seeing the market orders due to ACL restrictions. The problem exists since the original release of Citadels, but it is much worse since outposts have been converted into Faction Citadels. Unfortunately there is no easy way in fixing this, but we investigating several options.

At last someone said there is a problem. Try telling your bug hunter team because they said there is no problem . or even listing it on the known issues list would be helpful. 6 months to get an answer about a problem is just a total joke . If you ever wonder why people have no fath if you fixing a problem you now hopfully know

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