Mass Test on Singularity: Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 - DELAYED!


UPDATE: This mass test has been delayed from Tuesday to Wednesday!

We are planning another mass test on Singularity on Wednesday, November 20th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?
Two subjects are under test - Shareable Bookmarks, and the Travel System.

The Travel System update is a graphical update with gameplay implications. The test participants should pay attention to how the jump effects look and feel, and how readable the game information is (sec, empire) for the tunnels. The team is on the look out for any exceptions or tech issues that haven’t evidenced themselves in house (bug reports from in-client most appreciated). We are also interested in gathering feedback in many areas, a short list is below and may get updated before the test:

  • Smoothness and timing of jump sequences
  • Awareness of difference of tunnel types (e.g. Location, Security Level, Travel Method)
  • Tunnel lighting and brightness
  • Lightning brightness and intensity
  • Queasiness or discomfort from using the tunnels
  • Technical concerns (performance, camera edge cases, driver issues, crashes, etc.)

The team would appreciate a variety of ship classes and sizes to be brought to the test, since the camera is repositioned by data inferred from the hull.

Shareable Bookmarks allows sharing of bookmark folders based on access lists and was already tested in the last mass test. This time we are running further server performance tests for the new system.

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:
Please join the channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)

  1. Meet in Eha at the gate to Oicx (or docked)
  2. Jump to Oicx
  3. Bookmark performance tests
  4. Warp / Jump to Vlillirier
  5. Jump to Renarelle - CYNO (caps + blops)
  6. Jump to Aubenall - TiDi
  7. Jump to Oulley
  8. Jump to Orvolle (into High)
  9. Jump to Pf-346 (into Null)
  10. Fleet W: Jump to FD-MLJ
  11. Fleet X: Jump to FD-MLJ + Fight

What else should I know?

  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system Eha
  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test

Have any changes been made beside the one post you made in follow up, after the Nov 7 test?

I left a few bullet points with questions and comments about the jump tunnel and bookmark system.

Will Singularity remain in VIP-mode outside of masstest in the future?

  1. What’s different about those bugs that SISI is in VIP mode but lists just 1 player at this time?
  2. Depending on how the masstest goes, is it possible VIP mode may stay or be finished?

I’d love to see SISI back

Regarding bookmarks only minor defect fixes have been made since the test on the 7th and we are currently not planning any bigger changes before release. We personally like the suggestion about a note item (and one of my team members would really love it), but we don’t have time for it right now (and we cannot promise that we’ll find time later, even if we would like to do so).

Singularity has been opened up again now, running the current version from TQ, but with new bookmarks enabled (and we would love it, if you could stress bookmarks a bit more over the weekend). The new jump tunnels will be enabled again after the weekend.


Thanks very much for passing that comment around! For bookmarks, I gave two options, then. I didn’t consider a “note ITEM” - but, come to think about it, that could be simpler to implement than adding new UI to add player notes and a tooltip to stations in Assets. I understand how its usually too late to add any new feature by the time mass testing occurs, but this is when players are actually looking at the changes and get the ideas, so we have to try :slight_smile:

What of the Jump Tunnel?

At the end of the NEW animation, WHY does my ship “speed up and move ahead out of sight, leaving ‘me’ (the camera) behind?” I (camera) would like to “arrive” with my ship.

Can this be changed?

Adding the ship is a good change, since the current / old animation was forcing the player into a first person perspective. I still feel disconcerted by the game taking over my camera during gate jump.

I have no problems with the in-system warp effect, and wish gate jump worked just like it, with a different color for the jump tunnel.

Regarding jump tunnel: This is being handled by a different team - CCP Antiquarian might be able to answer this, but I know that they are interested in exactly such feedback.

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I know the collapse button for all the stuff isn’t the main thing now to test but it would be immensely cool if there was one general one for a window to just collapse everything. The way it is now it’s not that different for example for market, each and all of main trees still need to be collapsed one by one.

BTW how do I test the new bookmarks, all 3 folders say disconnected for me and I can’t move anything to them so far. EDIT: ok gotta make a new folder there.

Immediately I can see there is no copy bookmark way just from the window. I would imagine CEOs, FCs but also even scouts would want to have a saved copy just in case in personal folder. So for that pretty much gotta save the bookmark twice. Dropping a bm to cargo also doesn’t work at all, so for a need like this I see no way to copy.

another edit:
I would make Singularity default chat on sisi for everyone to join. If some people don’t want to stay there they can just close it but the thing is connecting people on sisi outside of masstests is a hidden way too much, I only happened to find that chat link in English Help channel. If people aren’t really connected, like there’s 135 now online but just 7 with me in that chat and none interested enough to at least respond (or maybe they are AFK) then searching for next release bugs by default looks like solo activity for the few interested.
Cool thing an NPC corp mate spared me a little of time, so now I know how this works :slight_smile:

and another edit:
I would add at least a written way in People & Places where to find Access Lists since at least 1 list must be used to create a shared folder. Most people will head right People and Places and scratch their heads about the Asset Lists thing, I’m glad myself I used them at least once in the past so I remembered what’s up when I saw lists for docking rights. And what’s more they’re buried in neocom, I hope enough people think about pointer tool.


Unfortunately we need to delay this mass test to tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20th. The reason for this is that we found several bugs, which would have disrupted the mass test, so we had to fix them first.

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I’ve just seen the new proposed bookmark system and I must say, I personally don’t like the layout change in the context menu. Is it possible to have MY bookmarks stay where they are in the top level and then have the shared in a sub menu, or perhaps add a way to manage bookmarks and move them to the top level as required. I use/create/delete bookmarks constantly as I’m doing thing around my home and nearby systems. Having my main bookmarks now in a fly out menu, then the action in a second and potentially a third in the case of “warp to” seems to be adding unnecessary complexity to something that is currently so easy to access.

Thank you for participating in the mass test yesterday! We managed to identify several graphical problems, which are being fixed / investigated further.
I added skill points to 276 characters on Singularity as small reward.

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small reward… when do we get large rewards?

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