Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Thank you for inviting us to this test, it was awesome, love the new animation, even if it was a tad bumpy but that was to be expected.

I’m not sure if that was CCP’s intention but after jumping through a stargate the graphical effects of the tunnel continued until I had 46 seconds left on the invisibility timer. However, I’ve noticed that during this time-frame I could click on something on the overview and initiate a warp/dock/jump command to another item where, in this case, the ship starts to warp immediately. Is it intended for this graphics effect to linger 10+ seconds after jump has concluded or is this an issue that needs to be addressed? If it is intentional, it’s an annoying change as jump times increase since I don’t see the other side of gate and my ship until it ends; hence will have to wait. If it’s something that needs to be fixed, keep the good work up!

It was a bug. They will fix it.

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Just some observations I had:
-Navigation no longer seems to be automatically selecting the next warp-to after a gate jump.
-The jump tunnel effect persists long after the session change has actually completed, to the point that a fast aligning interceptor can juuuust about be in warp while still in the jump gate tunnel.

Another usage for bookmark objects: personal notes and labels easily visible with item Assets.

Personal Assets is a hub of information about what I have or might do next, that I look at every time I log in.

I have “imported vouchers” that were kept in station item hangers, that were used to remind me various facts about the station, helpful in market trading.

Like: “This system has an ice belt”, “This station has a level 4 agent / storyline agent”

  • Why do I keep certain items in a far-away station?
  • Why should I avoid going here?
  • What should a market trader bring here?

Feature request: personal note creation for stations via Assets:
Right-click station / edit note - 64 character limit.
Visible as a Tooltip on mouse-hover over station names in Assets.

Jump Tunnel: still takes over player camera, this is annoying. But, adding the player’s ship for the eye to focus on, is an improvement. The current / old system bothers me enough to jump with the map view open, so I don’t have to look the jump animation, when I have to make several consecutive jumps.

At the end of the NEW animation, WHY does my ship “speed up and move ahead out of sight, leaving ‘me’ (the camera) behind?” I (camera) would like to “arrive” with my ship.

I don’t have a problem with the in-system warp tunnel, and wish gate jump would have more respect for player camera control.

Adding player ship answers this player’s request from 2013.

My 2015 ‘lol’ comment when the gate jump animation broke, due to a bug.

Circumstantial Evidence
Posted - 2016.06.08 17:57:45 - [16]

Please give us an option to disable forced camera move during the gate jump animation, even if the animation is not aligned with ship’s orientation. Some players have noted since the feature was introduced, that it’s cool the first couple times, but annoying from then on. Forcing the switch from 3rd to 1st person view, is the worst part of it.

Please don’t change the bookmark system. This new system you have is terrible for selling locations. If you absolutely must change it, come up with something that makes it easier to sell locations than the current system. Give us a minute, we’ll even come up with a whole new system for you! Just don’t try to fix what ain’t broke, please.

Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here’s my question. I logged on to singularity, and created a character. but none of my skills are able to copy over from Tranquility. Am I right to assume, that I have to wait until the next mirror, to be able to copy my skills over? Thanks a bunch!

Yes, that is correct. You could probably do some trick with buying skill injectors on Singularity or something . . . but mostly you just wait for the mirror.

Cool! Thanks a bunch for the info!

@CCP_Habakuk sisi is closed.can you tell me pls when you will open it pls

they ran into some problems and its vip mode for 5 days by now?

Today is 4th day since test and still no sp issued. Not complaining, just curious when they will be issued. Concerned maybe having to relog due to stuck in warp tunnel may be a issue?

sorry for this being completely unrelated but how do u tag like they did in topic mass-test and singularity

i dont need to know issue, just time)

no vip[s on sisi now

sisi vip again

6 days

7 day will be soon,ccp come on… if its vip,it means rip.

I highly doubt that Sisi is dead. More likely they’re just having some issues debugging, and it will be back up soon enough. I’m just excited because I’m pretty sure this means a new mirror.