Massive Assault

Unlikely as they market merch with Jita 4-4 on it and it’s a brand CCP sells. If the t-shirts and other stuff with J4 on it disappears, then I’d believe it.


They can release a whole new set of merch with REMEMBER JITA on it. It’s perfect. :brain:

Just imagine it, you wake up and see a SCOPE video on youtube on April 1st (4.1.24) that [Insert Enemy Faction Here] trashed Jita 4-4. You think it’s an April Fool’s joke, right? It’s not.

We hated it when it was a thing and we’ll hate it if it ever rears its head again.

That was an absolutely brutal mechanic and I’m glad med clones are gone.


If you look at my kill board, I have lost many Strategic Cruisers. I’m glad skill loss was taken away as well.

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I very specifically stated I was glad to see the end of medical clones.

T3Cs should still carry some sp loss imho. Maybe not a whole level, but enough you need to spend a day or two getting a subsystem back to V.

They carried that loss because they were nearly unbeatable. A tengu could be impossibly tanked where a fleet could not take it down. Proteus was so damn strong the very word showing up on your overview made you cringe. Today they are just configurable assault cruiser/scanning ship combos that barely put out 750 dps. They aren’t worth SP loss any longer.

Okay Meph Dog, chill out.

looking at some of those T3c fits, they were mercy killings.

A Rail Tengu in 2024? my dude, really?

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It’S really irritating and disturbing how someone like you jumps on someone with an idea and disproves it only because he has an ‘we did it like we do it for 20 years,so go away’ attitute…

I remember that like 2 week period ccp made medium hybrids not suck versus other systems.

Then the lolrox and railgu swarms came.

Then the nerf bat. Hard.

It wasn’t so much the nerf that stung. It’s was quickness that it came.

Dual neutocane had months upon moths to be broken lol.

ENI has been given some time to free looks like though.

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The ENI is a good ship in a fleet. The tracking sucks unless you put top level implants in and use Officer modules.

I usually fit an ENI with an Ancilliary and T2 Medium Repper + associated rigs. If I plan on running the ENI for awhile Ill use repper implants as well.

Tough ship in a fleet, will give any T1 cruiser a run for its money up close.

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Just read the thread on Reddit someone asked to have it nerfed

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Why are they crying

This is the internet, they don’t need to have a reason, some people just do no matter what. :wink: