Massive Assault

I think CCP should create content along the lines of a massive ship, ten times the size of a Titan, that randomly appears in a system and is able to destroy all stations and ships before jumping out.

The ship would be forced to jump out of the system when the shields are depleted to a certain point. Then the armor and finally the hulk.

New Eden definitely needs a good flush or two.

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What about a ship that follows DrysonBennington around and shoots and pods him the moment he undocks, then jumps out?


Its in game. Its called dropping a structure not coming to aggreements with crews like snuffed.

Or not paying them on time lol.

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this is a sandbox. If you want a “good flush”, nothing prevents you to team up with some other people to do something, instead of waiting for a deux-ex-machina new mechanics which would do it for you


Won’t happen, too many people are protecting their RMT trade.

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Actually the Massive Assault would take place in stages.

Stage 1. The Clone Ship Carrier launches between 300 and 450 Clone Commander frigate to destroyer class ships. The Clone Ships then proceed to attack any player structures in the system. Only players would be able to respond to the attacks. If the attack is stopped, all attack ships are destroyed, then the Clone Ship jumps out or after six hours the Clone Ship jumps out.

Stage 2. Is basically the same as Stage 1 except there or more Clone Commander ships that are more powerful.

Stage 3. would have more cruiser to the battleship class ships plus Clone Commander Dreds and Carriers. Stages three through five is when the Clone Carrier can be attacked. Stage 3 would be the stage for shields, stage four, taking out armor and finally stage 5 he hull. At any time beween stage 3 to 5 the Clone Commander Carrier can call in a Titan Clone Commander.

Meh…this would negate virtually all skills that have taken months/years to accumulate. And if skilling up became pointless then there’d effectively be no point in playing.

So really rather a silly idea.

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Nothing like massive destruction on a galactic scale to kick-start the economy.

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What about a Luminous Plasma Storm that erases capsuleers’ skill points in the systems it crosses, eventually making its way throughout the cluster. Even if you’re offline, bye-bye Skill Points :point_right: :laughing:

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I don’t think the newer folks would like that. Or the bitters. Vanishing sp did’t have a large following in the past lol.

I remember making sure clone was updated on undock in pvp long ago. Especially after the 1 and only time I didn’t check the clone. Only a few days lost at least. that removed as a QOL change I did/do like.


I wonder why :thinking: I think it’s a super-duper idea.

So they are able to make the game better… :smiling_imp:

IIRC they turned off costs to maintain med clone sp saving with the plan to bring it back one day.

I forget why it was turned off tbh. Being jaded I’d say they had spaghetti code issues. BAck in the early 2010’s they could make 1 small change not related to POS at all. And for some reason they’d go Skynet and shoot everything. even blues and the pos owner themself lol,

At some point no med clone upkeep costs became something they kept it seems.

Sounds kind of similar to a boss bloon in bloonz td6

You can also argue something like what op suggest is a simplified version of Incursions. I landed on a gate in a system with an incursion once and i saw like 40 NPCs, and i told myself who the hell is interested in this :smiley: A single large NPC for people to rock up and start shooting at would be better! With minimal risk of dying too pls. Otherwise noone will do it and it will just be unused content. The boss could also spawn in low sec or null sec so that groups of players may fight each other over it.


Not to pile on DrysonBennington, but this did give me a chuckle this morning… :smiley:

Nobody is piling on top of me because everyone who is a ganker or a ganker pet, has been blocked.

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Players won’t like losing SP, but the risk versus rewards events must move to the next level.

There are lots of things in EvE that players don’t like, doesn’t prevent CCP from implementing them with great fanfare.

Judging by the Bounties situation, cost to maintain clone bays is never coming back.

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It could occupy the Caldari Prime.

I would be shocked if the Drifters don’t have a mothership just waiting to blast Jita 4-4 into dust.

Who remembers when jove war ships came to empire.
CCP themselves and actors played the Invaders.
They had very power cruisers and killed any they met .
Locals formed fleets to push them back , that was a fun night