Massive decrease of my personal fun and playtime

I had so many plans. I emphasize this to make clear that I’m not burned out. I actually live in Null. I wanted to establish anothetr toon for Pochven. I wanted to make another toon for Highsec Missions and Mining …
For this I wanted to make a 3rd Omega account.

I dont have the objective to plex my accounts. I have always paid with real money and I had these plans because it was a fun to play.

The the Mining and Ratting nerfs came in. You can only realize big plans with enough money and so suddenly the income was shortend. But much more hurting was the way these was implemented. My ratting money was stolen from me from gangs which I couldn’t defend. My Icemining was often simply not possible because of missing Icebelts or belts in so dangerous sections that I don’t want to take the risk.

Of course thete are a lot of possibilities to adapt and I tried a few but most of them are not fun for me. So if II intend it or not. My fun and so my playtime went massivly down. I actually went to other games.

The pity thing is…to change the game is pretty normal for long-term gamers. Normally the reason is a kind of burn-out. But the reason for me is, that I would love to play the game without the latest changes. But I know CCP - its your game and you could do what you want. My only choice is to adapt and to leave/reduce. Actually I’m on the reduce/leaving path.

Disclaimer: It’s totally OK when you see the game as a hardcore PvP game or see the game as you personal living space. These are only my personal thoughts.


You couldn’t defend “gangs” and thus they stole your money? : - )

Which specific changes?
And why can’t you just make money in any of the plenty other ways?


Gosh no thank you :smile: I only log into EVE when I’m too happy irl. The loss of some ship and its modules, the inability to do a task or getting trolled in Help chat helps me to appreciate what I have in real world.
I pity my clone sometimes. No food ever and all efforts spent on more efforts to inexorably end up as a trophy corpse to be sold at Market.
And they say we Amarrians are the bad guys :roll_eyes:

what to defend? 20m? remove the bounty penalty so theres alot of isk in ESS that is worth defending, right now its totally digusting to see how little isk to bother undock and farm let alone defending anything


It’s really hard to say what is going on here. Even without CCP making changes, newer players set goals or have dreams that are just not feasible or maybe not feasible for their playtime. Eve is a competitive game and just because you have plans doesn’t mean they will work out.

You can still rat and you can still mine in nullsec. Things have changed, but you can still do this, probably as efficiently as before as a newer player. Pochven is still there as are L4 missions. It really does seem, that you are burnt out, or perhaps have set yourself some unrealistic goals.

That’s fine. Eve is hard. Find new goals you can have fun with, or quit and go find a game you do like. I’m not sure there is anything here to discuss. Declaring you find Eve “unfun” isn’t really something we can help you with.


You’re right.
You should quit the game!


spider lover :point_up: is right


yeah when theres enough peoples like me quit then it will be you that cry


People have said this ■■■■ for over ten years.
They’re all gone.
I’m still here.

The more of you leave, the better it’s for the game.
No one wants carebears and farmers around.
Not even CCP wants you here.

You can overestimate your importance as much as you want …
… it doesn’t ■■■■■■■ matter, because everyone benefits when you’re gone.

All you need to do is getting the hint.
No need to post, just quit.


(Edit: I can understand why the other post was too much. I can’t find the issue with this one, though)


wow this guy must be a genius


did you forgot blackout already? stop licking ccp ass and look at a bigger picture


I don’t understand … ?


i like your assessment of the situation


Also Cyberpunk 2077 release in less than a week. :partying_face:


Yes, I’m looking forward to this. In former times this wouldn’t be interesting - but now…:wink:

I don‘t read a reason to not try new things … I can speak for Povchen, you can PvP there and make money, it‘s a nice little ecosystem with benefits beyond (e.g. travel shortcuts). Also hope is still there that CCP adds more in the future.

When I first deployed to Povchen I didn’t touch my main wallet but lived off the land only bringing my skills and a Hecate. Povchen paid for everything else. It took me 5 evenings for +3 standing after the standing reset, and I reached +7 two days ago.

There are new things to try which don’t need alts or a big upfront ISK investment.


Unless delayed yet again :stuck_out_tongue:


then play Tetris, best game ever


I dropped 6 ice mining accounts over the last few weeks. Can’t ice mine in nullsec when there is 2 ice belts in a region and its super easy to cloaky camp the 2 systems.

That’s your problem there. You shouldn’t have any long term plans in EVE the way they keep shaking the game up.

I’m on the left already path like so many others. Pop in now and again to see if anything is worth coming back for, so far nothing I’ve seen in awhile even tempts me. But you never know.