Massive performance problems, fleet content almost impossible

For a few weeks now, several corp colleagues have been experiencing massive performance problems.
Just now again, Jump into NS for Gank, almost 50% of the 12 pilots had lags, rubberbanding and freezes.

And no, only some of the affected pilots have Vanguard installed but not all of them, so there should be no connection here.

In conclusion, all I can say is CCP Please fix.

Welcome to the internet.


Vanguard install should have no impact on EVE’s performance.

Get better internet? Or PCs? idk.

I run incursions often with HQ system having often 100-200+ people if it’s near a hub and I get no problems. I even run YT music lol.

I have to agree, to a small degree, as I’ve started seeing issues I had not seen for a long time. Like moving to a new system and still seeing greyed out Overview of starbases, etc from prior system.

CCP can’t do much with “my connection is bad, pls fix!”.

Follow the steps on this page:

And submit some information specific to the connection that’s experiencing the problem, when it’s experiencing the problem. That’ll give some info on where and how the connection is messing up.

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There’s no Ganking in Null, only in Hisec.

Something like that :point_up:

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