Match Report - Syndicate Kendu League (Agoze Rules) Men’s B Grade Grand Final 25.2.121

Ishukone Devils def. ISP Stars 6-4

Ishukone Goals (Mandrell (3) Koli, Sun’khar, Binchiette)

ISP Goals (Hueron (2), en Faroulan, Menkalinan)


Ishukone: Lance Drake Mandrell, Radash Koli, Razel Binchiette, Valdezi Sun’khar, Kazuo Rikkonen, Delphine Lautréamont, Tao Lin, Karim en Serian, Ravindar Singh Lalli

ISP: Auriga Menkalinan, Gustav Hueron, Isafel en Faroulan, Tris Renneth, Yeriman Ursine, Javagal Rurikan, Vihaan Patel, Russel Arnold, Venkatesh en Gravonere.

Match Report

Candra (2-0)

The game started well for the Ishukone team with former Sajha Mavericks player and all-star Lance Drake Mandrell gaining advantage from footstrike off of a yamala advantage provided by teammate Radash Koli. They were able to capitalise off the advantage after Valdezi Sun’khar forced a tackle out after a left side break by Tris Renneth, who seemed shaken up on the play. Once Ishukone regained possession they were able to score the first goal, again by Mandrell, this time from a hand strike off a yamala provided by Ravindar Singh Lalli.

Ishukone cemented their lead after Radash Koli was able to convert an advantage palandu, scoring yamala with the head from a setup by Mandrell.

Ravi (2-2)

A change in season marked a change in fortunes for the ISP team based out of 35-RK9 who scored relatively quickly based on advantage vatama scored by Auriga Menkalinan and immediately converted at the south goal by Gustav Hueron from a Menkalinan yamala. The ISP team continued to exploit some tired defence from Ishukone, with en Faroulan scoring again on the south goal.

Marut (5-2)

Lance Drake Mandrell took over this quarter providing the advantage and assist on yamala to Valdezi Sun’khar who drove in the tie-breaking goal with a foot strike teed up by the former Maverick. The Ishukone team poured in three more goals as the ISP struggled to contain Mandrell.

Payas (6-4)

The final quarter was won by the ISP team as Mandrell began to tire and stopped bothering to play defence. Valdezi Sun’khar had a free run awarded against him for ‘accidentally’ striking Tris Renneth in the face. After Sun’khar complained to the referee that Renneth’s face looked ‘awfully like the palandu’, the ISP were able to advance the ball into scoring position with Menkalinan scoring from a foot strike.

The ISP scored again soon after, bringing the score within one, but a piece of individual brilliance from Radash Koli set up Razel Binchiette for the final Ishukone goal, with the lanky Intaki smashing it in with a hand strike from the yamala. The final goal took the wind out of the ISP’s sails and Ishukone settled in for victory and the premiership.

MOTM: Lance Drake Mandrell


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