Material Requirements for Nicoll Dyson Beam/Swarm

Dear CCP, kindly show this to the art department and get back to me with the material requirements. (I don’t care if it couldn’t roast a marshmallow, I’d dump so many billions into making it!)

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Why would you want a Star Destroyer, or even Galaxy Sterilizer weapon? You need to your genocidal tendencies checked. I love Isaac Arthur’s videos myself, but you seem like you need some JBP instead :grinning: Clean up your room ©

Instead of aiming the star weapon at the planets, turn it upon itself and the resulting EM wave should be able to shut down jump gates up to ten systems out. Making it impossible for ships in the affected area’s to be able to jump for at least a week until the wave dissipates. :joy:

This has to be the second most impractical weapon design concept in history.

Why would you want to destroy a planet orbiting the same star as you built the weapon in? This would be pretty pointless, and may cause bigger issues when you factor in the sudden change in gravitational forces. Not to mention the debris that would be scattered through the system.

Then there is the construction of such a weapon… WHERE are you getting the materials? How are you getting them there? And most importantly, WHY isnt anyone stopping you?

a). Whats the first?

b). it could prove useful to defending the solar system from a death star. If Alderaan had this around its star, maybe it wouldnt have been destroyed.

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The Donut of Destruction from Spaced Invaders… That was by far the most impractical weapon I have ever seen.

The Death Star was a close second until I saw this.

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